Apple Stock News: Apple May Become a Cellular Carrier

Apple Stock News

In an explosive article released by the Business Insider earlier today, it is claimed that Apple could become a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), operating in the United States as well as Europe. It is thought Apple has long been developing a MVNO, with a patent dating to 2006. However, only recently has the mobile giant been taking concrete steps into making this service a reality.

Apple Stock News

By developing a MVNO, Apple will in essence become a network carrier. Apple’s MNVO will work by providing data, text, and call services to their clients. However, Apple will obtain space for such services from well established carriers, such as Vision and T-Mobile. Apples’s SIM will have the ability to switch between the carriers in order to find the most attractive offer, in turn providing their clients with the most efficient offer.

However, Apple is not at the forefront of MVNO, with Google leading the way with its Project Fi MVNO, which is based on a similar concept. Furthermore, it is unlikely Apple will develop MVNO at anytime soon and it is estimated to be launched in five years time. It is interesting to see what will become of Apple’s MVNO project, and by Apple having the ability to sell both a phone and a service, it is likely the company will expand its ever growing market dominance.


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