Apple’s Project Titan Get’s More Staff

Apple’s Project Titan

Apple's Project Titan

Apple’s desire to develop and design cars is not new. A new report from last week claims the secret initiative to develop a car in a project called Titan is pulling staff from other departmants. Furthermore Apple shall have tried extensively to hire employees from Tesla in recent weeks. The other departments, which losing staff to Project Titan are complaining of losing talents and man power.

The exact aims of Project Titan remains a mysterie to everyone outside Apple. Rumors hint on all possible directions: From the development for an operating system for an electric self driving car to the development of full fledged car to compete with Tesla, Cadillac and the German manufacturers.

Since the battery technology company A123 filed a poaching suit against Apple, Apple’s desire to develop cars is clear. Apple’s aims and plans remain foggy. A123 filed a law suit because Apple tried to illegally recruit top researchers for large format battery applications.


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