Apple Stock News: New Patent For Solar Powered Devices

Apple Stock News

Apple has filed a patent that describes technology that will use solar cells in touch sensors of its future devices and computer peripherals. Patently Apple noticed the patent application first, noting that the technology could be integrated into computer trackpads, the Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, Apple’s wireless keyboard and into parts of the iPhone. Apple now has more than 16 inventions related to solar power for future Apple computers and other devices.

apple stock news

There is speculation that the new technology could be implemented into the iPhone 7. The patent allows for solar cells to be embedded beneath touch screens, and the iPhone 7 is expected to have a larger screen than previous phones. Older models had room on the top and bottom of the screen for things like the home button, but the newest phone might get rid of this waste of potential screen space. The model would be ideal for the new technology.

Apple has a history of patenting all of its inventions, most of which never make their way into future devices. Many of them are filed purely as precautionary measures while others are intended to fend off competitors. But Apple is searching for ways to better is battery life for its phones amid complaints about the iPhone 6 battery life. The newest operating system coming later this year will roll out a power saving mode and this new technology could play a future role.

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