Apple Stock News: Details For The Apple Watch 2

Apple Stock News

Apple has not yet revealed any sales data for its newest product, the Apple Watch, but that hasn’t stopped analysts from trying to find out. Market research firm Slice Intelligence used its database to track followers email and extrapolated from the data that 2.79 million watches have been sold so far. While this is far from scientific, it does represent roughly 66% of total smart watch deliveries from 2014, having done so in only a couple of months.

apple stock news

With the original version having been a success, speculation has begun about the next generation of the Apple Watch. The biggest changes coming for the newest version include a FaceTime camera and tether-less functionality. Apple is going to add an HD camera to the front of the smart watch, which will allow users to video conference with one another. This was likely after Apple laid the groundwork for FaceTime calls being made with the wearable device during the World Wide Developers Conference.

The tether-less functionality means that the device will not be as dependent on the iPhone, instead being able to run apps independently. Currently, apps for things such as text messaging, email, and updated weather reports only work through the iPhone. Now, the watch will support more native apps with a more dynamic wireless chipset. The newest Apple Watch will also have the Find My Watch feature using Wi-Fi router triangulation technology.

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