Apple Stock News: Google Releases App On Apple Watch

Apple Stock News

Google released its first app for the Apple Watch on Tuesday. Google News & Weather had previously been available on the iPhone and the iPad, and the most recent update made it available for Apple’s new wearable device. It gives users a quick summary of top news from the Apple Watch Screen, although it will not allow them to read the entire article or send the content of their article to their phone.

apple stock news

Even though the current app available on the Apple Watch is a barebones effort that is not very functional, it does reveal that Google intends to make apps for the device. Google has made an effort to provide great apps for other Apple devices such as the iPhone and Apple TV, such as the Google Chrome web browser. The company already has its own smartwatch app platform called AndroidWear, but more Apple Watch devices were sold in the first day than devices supporting AndroidWear were sold in all of 2014.

One interesting app to look out for will be maps for the Apple Watch. A good maps app is needed to take advantage of the easy accessibility of the wearable device. Google has the best maps technology, easily better than Apple’s. Introducing such an app for the device would be extremely popular and could also help the Apple Watch become more popular.

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