Apple Stock News: Apps For Apple Watch Already Appearing

Apple Stock News

The Apple Watch will hit not hit stores for almost another month, but that has not stopped Apple from allowing certain third-party apps to start hitting the App Store already. These apps being released ahead of time will be the ones available right away after the launch of the wearable device, and only major players have released updates for Apple Watch-compatible apps so far. Some examples so far are Twitter, The New York Times, Evernote, and CNN.

apple stock news

These select few apps selected by Apple to be made available ahead of time are obviously the ones which work well, as the company will want to be sure that the device is slick and working well on launch day. Any bugs that are present in the software or apps immediately made available would reflect poorly on Apple. These apps are most likely being made available now for reviewers of the wearable device, who will get a version ahead of release, as well as for potential customers who check out the device in Apple Stores before they go on sale.

Apple users are free to download the updated versions of these refreshed apps now, but the added functionality with the Apple Watch will obviously not work until the user has one on his or her wrist. Apple has already started writing about how some of the apps will work on the Apple Watch on its website. For example, it writes that the 140 characters included in a tweet fit nicely on your wrist. The device can notify you easily with a gentle tap on the wrist when new tweets are posted, and you can retweet or favorite them straight from the Apple Watch.

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