Apple Stock News: Apple Wishes You A Merry Christmas!

With Christmas coming soon, Apple’s products are undoubtedly in a lot of consumers’ wish list.  The computing giant’s iPhones, iPads, and computers are favorite gifts for many. Apple is offering numerous discounts on a large range of Apple products. Moreover, with the crash in oil prices putting extra money in everyone’s pockets,  customers can enjoy spending money on Apple gadgets at the best prices


Investors might also want to consider adding Apple to their wish lists as Apple seems to be well positioned for another great year in 2015, thanks to its solid brand name, a rising consumer market, as well as various new products. Here are some reasons why you should add Apple stock to your portfolio:

  • As investors anticipate the release of the Apple Watch early in 2015, analysts expect the company’s first smart wearable device to perform well in the market starting in March and will continue for years.
  • Goldman Sachs analysts also believe that Apple’s iPhone 6 demand will remain strong in the coming months.
  • Thanks to the enormous number of Iphones, Apple Pay system has a lot of potential to grow in the  mobile payments world, allowing the company to further diversify its revenue stream.
  • According to Barclays’ analysts, some stock markets like Russia can affect Apple’s performance as foreign currencies are devaluating. However, Apple is doing well and is expected to remain strong in market such as the United States,China and Europe right now.

Whether for clients or investors, Apple will, for sure, please everyone in the upcoming year..

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