Apple Stock News: Apple Gains in U.S. Market Share

On July 2nd, comScore, Inc., released data reporting key trends in the U.S. smartphone industry for May 2014.  Apple, unsurprisingly, continues to lead the smartphone OEM market and also reported gains in operating system share.

Apple is the number one smartphone manufacturer with a 41.9 percent share as of May 2014.  This is a 0.6 percent increase from February 2014 when Apple had a 41.3 percent share.  Samsung also made small gains, rising to a 27.8 percent share, while LG, Motorola, and HTC’s shares slightly dropped.

iphone gains

Although Apple remains the top smartphone producer, iOS has always come second to Android when it comes to operating system share.  This is mainly due to iOS being unique to the iPhone, while countless devices run off of the Android platform.  However, iOS was the only operating system to make gains in the 3-month period, increasing 0.6 percent to a 41.9 percent share.  Android and Microsoft experienced no growth and BlackBerry and Symbian both saw minor drops.

ios gains

It will be interesting to see what happens to Apple’s iOS share in the coming months when they are no longer impaired by only offering 4 inch screens.  Apple offering more variety in screen sizes may be just what it takes to catch up to Android in market share.

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– Joe Stempel

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