Apple Stock News: Apple to Launch Entirely New Product


While the smartphone battle rages on, Apple is looking at another category for continued growth: Smart Home Hardware.  Sources say Apple has assembled a team to develop various hardware products for the home that integrate the already existing assortment of Apple devices.  The development of these home products could of course come to a end at any time, but Apple is said to be beyond the exploratory stage of development.

Apple has always been the company known for innovating and being on the forefront of new technology.  The Cupertino-company feels that there is the potential with the new Smart Home hardware to tap into an extremely lucrative market.  It is likely that Apple is building advanced sound systems or control panels for homes, and it is entirely possible that Apple will take advantage of the technology attained the in the recent acquisition of Beats Electronics.  Apple currently sells one household product in the form of the Apple TV, which many believe will be the hub of Apple’s new Smart Home software.  The software is alleged to allow iPhone and iPad users to easily control home appliances like lights, garage doors, and locks via apps and Siri.

It will be interesting to see what Apple does with the Smart Home ecosystem in the future, but there current main priority is without a doubt debuting new iPhones, Macs, and other wearables.  The company’s Smart Home hardware is farther down the road of Apple’s future product lines.

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– Joe Stempel

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