Apple Stock News: Don’t cry over your broken screen

Apple Stock News

Apple implemented a great deal of innovations last few years, improving significantly its products. However, the company just cannot stop its IPhones’ screens from cracking when they hit the ground. This issue is well known among IPhones users who struggle to keep their gadgets from falling on concrete. Since iPhone’s 6S gorgeous 4.7 inches display is made mostly of glass, it is not hard to imagine how it might look like if hits a solid surface. If it happened to you the following options might help you to bring your IPhone 6S screen back to life.

Apple Stock News

Remember that you can always get it replaced by Apple. This service will not cost you much if the damage is minor. IPhone screen can be fixed for $109-149 depending on the model (the price does not include tax). AppleCare+, which can be purchased for $99 for two years, reduces repair price to $79-99. Finally, if your have a minor crack on your screen, which is just a hairline, you can get your phone fixed for free. More information can be found on Apple’s website.

The second option is getting your screen replaced by a third party. It is necessary to take in account that this will void your Apple warranty if you still have one. If you decide to use third party services, make sure they stand behind their work, providing you with warranty. Its important to take in account that third party’s prices are pretty much equivalent to Apple’s ones, but they can fix your phone way faster right on the place.

Another option is replacing your screen by yourself especially if you are short on money. You can purchase Glass replacement kits for few dollars that includes everything you need to replace your screen. The problem is that glass replacement kit only replaces the glass, not the entire LCD touchscreen. In order to replace the whole touchscreen it is necessary to separate the glass from the touchscreen and glue the new piece of glass onto the old touchscreen after that. Since touchscreen replacement kit’s price is around $100 it might be a senseless option. And of cause it your phone gets completely broken after the repair there will be no one else to blame.

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