Apple Stock News: Potential iPhone 7 Designs Leaked

Apple Stock News: 

After the recent release of the extremely successful iPhone 6S, it is time for Apple to go back to the drawing boards and try to please fans with the next generation of iPhones. Forbes recently published the rumors that came from the popular Chinese leaking site, Weibo, and the technology rumor website G For Games Apple has a series of designs that they are currently experimenting with.

The first thing we can expect from the new iPhone is that the lightning cable will be replaced with USB type-C, the same port found in the Macbook. Second, the new iPhone is supposed to wireless intensive. Apple is supposed to get rid of the headphone jack, and reveal wireless charging to the next iPhone.

iphone 7 design

Potential iPhone 7 (source:

Furthermore, Apple is alleged to be working with a new more advanced touch feature, described as “3-D Multi-touch” which is described as a more sophisticated version of multitouch features such as pinch to zoom. In addition to the updated touch features, the rumors say that Apple will enhance the iPhone 7 by adding dual cameras in order to maximize the zoom.

The final design rumor is that Apple will be getting room of the home button in order to make the device smaller. In place of the physical button, Apple will potentially add in-display fingerprint recognition.

Although these all sound to be incredibly fascinating, all of these design changes are still rumors and Apple will probably not reveal its newest iPhone until the second half of 2016.


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