Apple Stock News: Apple Will Run all its Operations In Singapore On Solar Power

Apple Stock News

Apple has once again continued to show its global dominance in the tech world, by announcing it will open its first retail store in Singapore. While Apple entering Singapore is not surprising, the stores there will be unique, because they be fully run on solar power.

Apple Stock News

 The Singapore based solar developer Sunseap group will provide Apple with 100% renewable electricity from solar systems for all its operations in Syria. The solar systems built by Sunseap Group come from over 800 buildings across Singapore. The systems will generate 50 megawatts of solar energy, enough to power the equivalent of 9000 homes.

Apple has shown that they want to increase their use of renewable energy. In October it announced it would build 200 MW of solar power in China and push suppliers to make similar commitments. They also have recently built two solar powered farms in the country as well.

We’re doing this because it’s right to do,” Tim Cook said at the time to an audience at a Goldman Sachs event. “But you may also be interested to know that it’s good financially to do it.”

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