Apple Stock News: Apple Will Adopt OLED for iPhone Display

Apple Stock News

In 2018 Apple will make the switch from Liquid Crystal Display Technology (LCD) to Organic Light Emitting Display (OLED)  on their iPhones, according to a Nikkei Report.

apple stock news

In order to design the OLED phones Apple will be leaning of manufacturers such as LG Display.  Apple will be following the lead of companies like Samsung and LG that already use OLED technology.

Making the switch from LCD to OLED is definitely a smart one, as Oled offers far better  power efficiency , better contrast, deeper blacks and more saturated colors. The Samsung Galaxy 6 offers more than double the resolution, and more than 4 times the amount of pixels as  the iPhone 6. It also has a significantly higher peak for brightness and  has 4  selectable screen modes instead of the iPhone which offers just one fixed mode.

OLED technology has been developing at a rapid rate while, LCD has been coasting, and has not been  making any real progress for the past couple of years. Apple’s switch is expected to make suppliers racing  to improve their technology even more.

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