Apple Stock News: Apple to Begin Selling iPad Pro

Apple Stock News

Apple announced on their website that they are releasing the iPad Pro this week. The iPad Pro, which was unveiled this past September has a new 12.9 inch screen, and supports a stylus keyboard, which will be sold separately.

Apple Stock News

The release of the iPad Pro comes after sales from the previous incarnation of the tablet had been dwindling.  9.9 million iPad units were sold in the previous quarter, which is 20% below the amount was sold from the same quarter last year. This was the 7th straight quarter that iPad sales have failed to meet analysts expectations.

The strategy behind the iPad Pro is to appeal to a market that is looking to do more with a tablet than just watch videos and play games. This idea came after consumer analysts showed strong interest for a hybrid between a tablet and a laptop. The tablet’s 12.9 inch screen is larger than the iPad Air, which only had a 9.7 inch screen. The iPad Pro also features a A9X- 64 bit processor, which works as an alternative to a high-powered laptop.

The iPad Pro is available in three variations. The 32-gigabyte Wi-Fi-only model sells for $799, while the 128GB Wi-Fi-only version sells for $949. The 128GB Wi-Fi + cellular model goes for $1,079.

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