Apple Stock News: Apple to Start Solar Projects in China

Apple Stock News

Apple has recently announced plans of building 200 megawatt worth of solar project throughout China, following the criticisms that its local partners cause a lot of pollution. The projects are planned to be completed by The Cupertino – a CA-based firm.

Apple Stock News

The projects will produce the energy comparable to the amount used by 265,000 Chinese homes in a year. Additionally, Foxconn – a Taiwanese contracted electronics manufacturing company, and one of Apple’s key partners, is set to build 400 megawatt of solar projects in China’s Hanan province. In a recent statement Tim Cook – Apple’s CEO has expressed his commitment to addressing the issues of climate change and having Apple contribute to a move to greener economy.

It was also announced that Apple has completed the construction of 40 megawatts of solar projects in the Sichuan province. Apple has been previously accused of partnering with suppliers that cause sever pollution and endanger public health. China Labor Watch group has also claimed that there were unsafe working conditions at Apple’s partners’ factories producing Apple parts.

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