Apple Stock News: Apple Sales Reach $25 Billion within 12 Months

Apple Stock News

Apple Inc CEO, Tim Cook disclosed in an interview with Box CEO Aaron Levine that Apple’s enterprise sales have reached amazing heights of $25 billion.

Apple Stock News

After becoming one of the most powerful companies in the market, Apple has been able to boost its market share even more, by partnering with former competitors such as IBM. The IBM and Apple collaboration is under the banner “MobileFirst for Ios,” IBM offers a broad range of business software solutions  operating Apple hardware. The endeavor is making people aware of how much Apple’s profit really is. Cook stated that he believes that Apple’s future involves a strong field of other possible partnerships with other already established tech companies such as  Cisco.

Apple sales  reached an all time high just this past week when the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were released. While every new model of the iPhone sells extremely well, this one sold 3 million more units than the year before. The reason for the increase was that the iPhone was released in China  on the same day it was released in the United States. China has shown to become one of the most important regions for Apple as markets in North America and Europe have become device saturated. As a result of China’s importance Apple Music catalog will now have more songs featuring Chinese artists.

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