Apple Stock News: Apple Buys an Artificial Intelligence Startup Perceptio

Apple Stock News

News broke out recently of Apple acquiring a small startup Perceptio, who’s focus is artificial intelligence technology.  The app was working on developing technology that would allow users to draw less from external cloud-based data repositories and focus instead on doing more processing.

Apple Stock News


According to Bloomberg, both of the app’s founders – Nicolas Pinto and Zak Stone are experienced artificial intelligence researchers, specializing in using  deep learning to create image-recognition systems. Prior to their acquisition the two were working on facial recognition technology.

Other than that, there’s not much information on the company or the reasons for Apple’s acquisition. It is speculated that the reason to acquire perception might come from Apple’s desire to improve Siri without compromising users’ privacy.

Deep learning is an area of artificial intelligence that deals with the concept of machines recognizing and learning patterns on their own. It is in the essence of such modern digital assistant platforms as Siri and Google Now. Another product that Apple might be hoping to improve with the use of AI is it’s self-driving car.

Perceptio is not the only recent Apple AI purchase. Just this past Friday, Google has acquired another AI startup called VocalIQ, which develops  a technology that assists machines in understanding human speech.


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