AAPL Stock News: Apple Finally Releases iPhone 6s

Apple Stock News

The iphone 6s and 6s plus  hit stores all around the world this Friday, much to Apple fans delight.  The newly released model broke records by selling an estimated 13 million phones over the course of its first weekend.

AAPL Stock News

The iphone 6s offers an improved camera and a new feature called the 3d touch. The 3d touch. The 3d touch is meant to make the phone more intuitive for users,  by by sensing and responding how much pressure your finger applies to the screen. The phone will trigger a variety of functions that depend on the app and how hard you press the screen.

The 13 million mark broke the previous record that was set at 10 million last year. Currently, the iphone 6s is being sold for $199, with the 6s Plus being sold for an additional $100.

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