Apple Stock News: Apple Is Offering $29 Battery Replacement After Slowing Down Oldest IPhones

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $169.23 per share on December 29th, 2017. It generated losses of 1.08% from its previous close on December 28th, 2017, when it closed at $171.08 per share.

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Apple Stock News: Apple, Inc. Has an Alternative Plan to Enter Emerging Markets

Read about the innovated solution Apple Inc. has to sale smartphones to people that can afford them
Apple Stock News

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Apple Stock News: What Is Rumored About The New iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

Apple's flagship event is set to take place on Wednesday the 9th of September. The annual fall event is one which is always eagerly anticipated as Apple tend to reveal many of its upcoming projects to the public. Many speculators are expecting a new iPhone, called iPhone 6S. Many also believe that Apple will unveil a bigger more sophisticated iPad and will reveal more details about its new and improved Apple TV projects. >

Apple Stock Predictions: How To Trade Apple During The Rest Of The Year

With Apple confirming that its next big event will take place on September 9th, now is a good time to take a look at the iPhone maker. During the upcoming event, new products can be expected, such as a revamped iPhone. But Apple might also surprise customers and investors alike with an unexpected product. With Tim Cook acting as company CEO for four years now, it is possible to accurately judge the job he has done, and Apple should be a good investment choice sometime in the near future. iPhone 6s

Apple Stock News: iPhone Projections Bullish

Recent estimates have Apple receiving 92% of all profits among the top eight smartphone makers in the mobile smartphone market during the first quarter. This is according to Canaccord Genuity managing director Mike Walkley, and is up from 65% last year due to the overwhelming success of the iPhone 6. Its share of profits is incredible considering it sells less than 20% of all smartphone units, highlighting the company's ability to command higher prices for its superior products. Now, it appears that Apple believes it will continue to sell its iPhones at a breakneck pace. apple stock news