Apple Stock News: Apple’s Fall 2018 iPhone Lineup Most Comprehensive to Date

Apple Stock News

According to sources such as respected technology analyst TrendForce, as well as respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Ku of KGI Securities, there will be three new iPhones released in 2018.  The most noticeable change will be the size of the devices.  The next generation of the iPhone X will come in two model ranges, standard and plus.  The standard handset will remain at 5.8-inches.  The plus version will have a display of 6.2-6.5-inches.  This giant of a smartphone will test the limits of premium smartphone pricing with a likely sales price of $1,099 to $1,149.  Both next generation iPhone X’s will use the second generation of Face ID technology which is expected to result in an increased screen-to-body ratio and possibly an increased memory configuration.

The third new iPhone should take the place of the iPhone 8 and 8+.  It will have a LCD display and is rumored to be an upgrade to the iPhone SE with the display size growing from 4-inches to 6.1-inches.  It is also rumored that the 2018 iPhones will rely on both Qualcomm and Intel 4G modems and they will all support Gigabit LTE transmission speeds.  Only the 2017 iPhones that had Qualcomm modems could support these speeds before.  This expanded iPhone lineup should be the most comprehensive to date due to the various options in terms of pricing and form.  Apple also seems to have learned from its iPhone X production mistakes because according to Piper Jaffray analyst Michael Olson, 3D sensing suppliers “are being told to generate volume for the Fall 2018 launch that is three times what was made for the iPhone X this past year.”

In Other News

It’s believed that the iPad Pro lineup will get some of the new technologies now in the iPhone X.  The new iPad Pro will have no home button, will feature a slimmer bezel, and it will support Face ID which would yield a larger display size.  The tablets should still have LCD displays.  Per Digitimes, Apple will also launch a new 9.7-inch iPad at a price of $259.  This price is $70 less than the price of the popular iPad launched in March 2017.

According to Citi, there’s a 40% chance Apple will buy Netflix.  It will be easier due to Apple having access to its repatriated cash soon.  Apple has never done large acquisitions before, but Netflix is the clear leader in the streaming space and Apple is keen on succeeding in this market.

On September 8th, 2017, I Know First sent to subscribers a bullish forecast for AAPL. Since then, Apple’s stock has increased 8% in accordance with the forecast.

Current I Know First subscribers received this AAPL forecast on September 8th, 2017.

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $172.26 per share on January 2nd, 2018. It increased 1.79% from its previous close on December 29th, 2017, when it closed at $169.23 per share.

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Apple Stock News: iOS 11 Is Focused On Application Performance

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $157.50 per share on August 18th, 2017. It generated a loss of 0.23% from its previous close on August 17th, 2017, when it closed at $157.86 per share.

Apple Stock News

Apple will release its new operating system version known as iOS11 in about a month. iOS11 will only offer applications that run on 64-bit. This means that all new applications will operate at a higher performance level than previous applications that were supported by 32-bit. A 64-bit processor can address far more memory than a 32-bit processor.

Apple’s iPad Pro line of tablets are already at 4GB of memory, and it its likely that expanded memory will come to the iPad line in the near future. It is also possible that Apple will increase memory consumption within their newer iPhone lines.

Consequently, when the time comes whereby both the iPad and iPhone lines are operating at a minimum of 4GB of memory, the use of 32-bit processors will be drawing closer to extinction. App developers can feel free to take advantage of the additional memory that the Apple products will be capable of using.

Apple has been nearing towards this software transition for a while. In 2013 it offered its first 64-bit smartphone to to customers. It appears that 32-bit iPhones will be obsolete by late 2017 or early 2018.

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Apple Stock News: Apple To Push iPad Pros

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $143.66 on Friday, March 31, 2017. It had a loss of 0.19% from its previous close of $143.93 per share.


In a push to make consumers purchase Apple’s newest products, the company came up with a clever marketing campaign. The ads continued a campaign where Apple takes real people’s tweets and turns them into advertising brilliance.

One of the ads, a woman by the name of Adriana complains about her laptop being too heavy. According to her tweet, it weighs “five million tons“, which seems like a lot.

A voiceover declared that “an iPad only weighs a pound”, indicating the usefulness and non heavy aspect of the iPad pro.

There were a series of these ads, targeting different peoples tweets in varying scenarios, where Apple had an answer for them with their iPad pro. The main aim of these ads were to show off their iPad pro and all the features it has that consumers were complaining about their laptops, making the switch easier.

Apple has debated whether the iPad Pro is a laptop or not. Just under a year ago, it insisted it was a laptop. But not they are saying that it’s better than a laptop.

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Apple Stock News: Bigger is Better

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $108.64 on Friday, November 13th, with a 0.59% gain, or $0.64 from its previous close of $107.79 per share.  The stock rose as reports indicate Macbook Pro sales may be better than expected.  The Macbook Pro in its first five days outsold the 12 inch Macbook in the same time frame after its release on April 2015.  Apple earned revenue seven times the amount as the 12 inch Macbook.

Apple Stock News

Much like the Macbook Pro, it appears the iPad will be redesigned.  Apple could be releasing its biggest iPad ever.  Sales for the iPad peaked in 2014.  However, Apple has seen its sales for the iPad decrease since then.  As the iPhone became more advanced and its screen larger, customers were finding the iPad to be less relevant.  The iPhone is consistently outselling the iPad.  One of the reasons may be that people typically replace their iPhones at a faster pace than their iPads.  The iPhone has been Apple’s top selling item and among the highest profit-margin products.

In an attempt to revitalize the iPad, Apple is releasing three new iPad Pro models. The iPad Pro will feature a larger screen, up to 12.7″ display.  Besides a larger screen, the new models may feature a dubbed ultrasonic imaging.  This feature could be used to recognize a more accurate print through the glass display and replace the current standalone fingerprint scanner.


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AAPL Stock News: iOS Reveals New Devices

AAPL Stock News

Apple released a beta version of its new mobile operating system iOS 9 at its World Wide Developers Conference last week. The code was made available for developers, and one developer found a couple of key developments in the code that points to big new releases coming from Apple later this year. Steve Troughton Smith says new features of the code point to an iPad Pro and a new Apple TV being released in the near future.

aapl stock news

Smith found a keyboard for an iPad larger than any current models, with 9.7 inches the largest screened version currently available. This has led to increased speculation that a version of the tablet with a 12.9 inch screen could be coming later this year. Such a version has been rumored for many years, and this version would offer support for an Apple-made stylus. This larger screened tablet would be meant for users who want to replace their laptops and would compete with Microsoft’s Surface tablets.

The Apple TV was also mentioned in the UIKit and Game Kit. The user interface and multiplayer gaming kits are usually meant for the iPhone and iPad. The inclusion of the Apple TV in their code points to the App Store being made available on the newest version of the device, including the ability to download games. The newest version of the Apple TV is now expected in the fall, but this depends on the inclusion of the TV subscription service. Meanwhile, a new, larger iPad could be introduced at a conference in either September or October.