Apple Stock Prediction Based on Algo Trading: Returns up to 52.03% in 1 Year

Apple Stock Prediction

This Hedge Fund Stocks Package is designed for investors and analysts who need predictions of the best-performing stocks according to I Know First’s stock market algorithm. It includes 20 stocks with bullish and bearish signals and indicates the best stocks to long and short based on artificial intelligence trading strategies:

  • Top 10 Hedge Fund stocks for the long position
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Package Name: Hedge Fund Stocks
Recommended Positions: Long
Forecast Length: 1 Year (08/15/2016 – 08/15/2017)
I Know First Average: 38.04%
Daily Market Forecast

10 out of 10 stock prices in this forecast for the Hedge Fund Stocks Package moved as predicted by the algorithm. CSX was our best stock pick this week a return of 85.69%. KERX and AAPL followed with returns of 58.51% and 52.03% for the 1 Year period. The package saw an overall yield of 38.04% versus the S&P 500’s return of 12.85% implying a market premium of 25.19%.

CSX Corporation, (CSX), together with its subsidiaries, provides rail-based transportation services in the United States and Canada. The company offers rail services, as well as transports intermodal containers and trailers.

Algorithmic traders utilize these daily forecasts by the I Know First market prediction system as a tool to enhance portfolio performance, verify their own analysis and act on market opportunities faster. This forecast was sent to current I Know First subscribers.

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Apple Stock News: Apple and Amazon Bury the Hatchet

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $156.10 on Wednesday, May 12th, 2017. It had a gain of 1.40% from its previous close of $153.95 per share.


Before Tim Cook became Chief Executive Officer at Apple, the company’s website offered 14 products. Fast forward seven years, the product offerings have blossomed to 27, available in over 200 different versions. Post Jobs’ era, this strategy has helped Apple maintain growth, despite stagnation in its most important market, smartphones.

In 2010, iPhone sales made up 39% of revenue with that figure growing to almost two-thirds of total revenue in 2017. Due to the nature of the industry, most consumers are already using smartphones. In order to counter this dilemma, Apple’s other products and services have had to pick up the slack. With the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone fast approaching, there’s much hype about the iPhone 8. With new technologies expected, such as an OLED screen and the removal of the home button, a hefty price tag is expected to land on the iPhone 8.

There’s good news for consumers, with Apple (AAPL) set to re-introduce Amazon Prime Video (AMZN) to Apple TV. Buzzfeed reports that the two tech-giants have settled their differences. In the near future, the Prime Video app will be available on Apple TV.

Furthermore, it is expected Amazon will again start to sell Apple TV devices. Amazon banned third-party sellers from selling Apple TVs and Google Chromecasts (GOOGL) through their platform. At the time, it was argued the devices inspired “customer confusion.”


Keep checking back for more news regarding AAPL. For Full AAPL forecasts and investment advice by our state of the art algorithm click here.

Apple Stock News: Apple vs. Google

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $113.00 on Tuesday, October 4th, 2016, with a 0.43% gain, or $0.48 from its previous close of $112.52 per share.

Google will be releasing a new phone called the Pixel and the Pixel XL that will rival the iPhone’s camera, battery life, and photo storage. Currently, phone companies are producing phones that have very little differences. Each phone company provides the same standard sizes, similar RAM, megapixels, storage space, etc., but the difference is in the details. The iPhone and the new Pixel have almost identical specs; however, the Pixel is providing better resolution and an extra megapixel for their users. One of the most important features of a phone, the battery life, is also being challenged, with the Pixel and the Pixel XL lasting hours longer than the iPhone.


With the recent release of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, Google’s marketing strategy is ingenious. Although the new phone release may put a damper on Apple stock, the iPhone 7 is still in high demand and is even higher than expected. This may offset the new competition from Google. Apple is still the leading cell phone manufacturer and has a distribution network that Google may have a hard time competing with.

Apple Stock News: Alphabet passed Apple as the most valued company

Apple Stock News

After an amazing report of Alphabet, Apple was displaced by Alphabet as the most valued company in the world. Yesterday, Alphabet reported revenues and earnings better than expected by analysts and its shares went up strongly.

apple stock news


The company smashed expectations on both ends, bringing in $21.3 billion in revenue and earnings of $8.67 per share. Analysts were expecting earnings of $8.09 on $20.8 billion in revenue. And with that, Alphabet became the most valuable publicly-traded company in the world, coming in at a market cap $558 billion after jumping about 8% after the company reported its fourth-quarter earnings, and passing Apple, which sits at a market cap of $535 billion. Remember that Apple reported bad numbers last week and its shares fell down. Yesterday, Apple shares lost another 0.95%

There’s a clear narrative here. Alphabet, a software company with a few extra hardware bets, shares have dramatically outperformed those of Apple, a hardware company with a few extra software bets.

Google´s core business continue to grow as well. As to users, the company said that active users of Gmail grew to 1 billion. Talking about Google´s core advertising business, cost per click fell 13% year-over-year, while paid clicks increased 31% in the same period. This has been a trend for Google, as more activity shifts to mobile devices, the value of each advertisement click tends to go down.

Google, too, is still not immune to what’s happening with foreign exchange rates and the general global economy. Revenue was up 18% year-over year, though in constant currency it would have risen $24%. Apple, for example, said there was a difference in $5 billion in revenue if not for foreign exchange rates, and for Google that represents about $1 billion in revenue.


Algorithmic Recommendation

I Know First provides daily investment foresight, mainly through stock forecasts via their predictive algorithm. The algorithm incorporates a 15-year database and utilizes it to predict the flow of money across 3,000 markets.

The self-learning algorithm uses artificial intelligence, predictive models based on artificial neural networks, and genetic algorithms to predict money movements within various markets.

I Know First’s algorithm was able to correctly predict the behavior of GOOG’s stock price in the past. Indeed, I Know First wrote few days ago an article about Alphabet talking about its new products, researches and the potential of the company. We recommended buying Alphabet for different terms, as you can see below.

Apple Stock News: Apple Rumored to Release a New, Smaller iPhone:

Apple Stock News

iPhone sales are expected to decline in the coming quarter for the first time since the phone was introduced in 2007. This past quarter, iPhone sales barely increased leading analysts to ask Apple CEO, Tim Cook, if he planned on lowering the price during the earnings call. A question to which Cook replied “We don’t design to a certain price point. We design a great product and we make it priced at a great value.”

Apple Stock News Barclays’ analyst Mark Moskowitz explained the he thinks lowering prices is a bad idea, given the strength of the iPhone franchise and the expected release of the iPhone 7. Furthermore, he said that lowering the price would make the iPhone feel more like a commodity saying, ““Psychologically, it’s a tightrope.”

According to the researcher Statista, in Q4 2015, the average cost of an iPhone for consumers was $691; almost triple the price of an Android phone, which cost an average of $231.

Various Apple rumor websites have reported that the company will be releasing a new 4-inch phone that will replace the iPhone 5s, the current cheapest iPhone. The new iPhone, rumored to be called the iPhone 5se, is supposed to have a faster processor and will be able to use Apple Pay. The new phone could potentially appeal to the more budget conscious Apple consumer, as well as to those who are not interested in having such large screen.