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Apple Stock News: Apple Music Announce 15 Million Users

Apple launched its flagship music sharing service as little as three months ago, and with is offered every user a three-month trial period. Tim Cook’s promotional strategy has seemed to have paid off as the service now boats an impressive 15 million user base, out which 6.5 million are paying customer.

Apple Stock News: Taylor Swift Shames Company Into Paying Artists

Apple changed plans on Sunday night not to pay artists during a three-month free trial period for its music streaming service that it would offer its loyal customers. This comes after Taylor Swift published a Tumblr post publicly shaming the company, claiming that artists would not ask for free iPhones so Apple shouldn’t ask for free music. The same day, Apple executives led by Eddy Cue announced that the company had changed their stance and would pay artists during the free trial.

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AAPL News: Advantages Apple Has In Music Streaming

At the World Wide Developers Conference on Monday, Apple’s biggest reveal was saved for last. The music streaming service Apple Music was finally revealed, and it will be made available to customers on June 30th. So far, the service has been met with skepticism, as analysts are unsure of whether it will be able to overtake competitors and dominate the market. Apple has some advantages over the others, however, and should be able to succeed because of them.

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