Apple Stock News: Hope and Expectations for 2019

Apple Stock News: Hope and Expectations 2019

Apple’s first quarter of the year is the one with biggest sales and higher margins due to a seasonal effect. The recent Q1 earnings report showed decline in profit margins, even though analysts had a “better than feared” reaction and Apple stock price went up. Let’s see what do we expect from Apple in 2019.

Apple Music and American Airlines

Apple music is now available in American Airlines flights since the 1st of February. Apple Music subscribers will have access to more than 50 million songs on any domestic flight equipped with Viasat satellite Wi-Fi with no Wi-Fi purchase required.


Office 365 available on Mac App Store

Now for Apple users it is easier to download office applications. This apps, also can be easily distributed to employees using Apple Business Manager enabling to work in any Apple device.


According to the reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, a new AirPods model is expected in 2019. The most popular accessory of Apple will have new features. With the New AirPods you will be able to activate Siri only with your voice, they will also improve water resistance, noise cancellation and Bluetooth signal. As well, they will include wireless charging and are going to be smaller than the current model.


Apple News subscriptions

Apple News will offer more premium options. According to Bloomberg, in 2019 Apple will offer an all-you-can-read magazine subscription plan, taking advantage of its Texture acquisition.


Mac Pro

Mac Pro has not been updated since 2013, but Apple announced in 2017 for this year would be finished a new version for Mac Pro. The revamped modular version would be the highest-end, high-throughput desktop system to allow the future upgrades and higher-end hardware. A design for their demanding pro customers, they said.

iPhones in 2019

New iPhones are coming in 2019. Apple is expected to provide three new iPhones in similar sizes as the current ones (iPhone XS, XS Max and XR).

Are plans to launch the new iPhones with a 3-D camera. This would be an important upgrade to the current camera, will work up to about 15 feet from the device. Also, it will power the Face ID feature. This camera would enhance augmented reality functions, allowing better placement of virtual objects on the screen and a more accurate depth perception. However, Bloomberg says plans to include a 3D sensor on the 2019 iPhone models have been delayed, and the technology will come on the 2020.

Regarding the other features, is expected to use OLED displays and an upgraded A13 chips, bringing improved performance and efficiency.



There is hope for a new iMac for 2019. The current iMac is two generations behind the 9th-generation Intel Coffee Lake Refresh. 2019 update is expected with faster processors.


The MacBook also didn’t get a 2018 update. It could be updated in 2019 and might be with new processors and there have been rumors that MacBook will be the first to get an Apple-designed ARM processor, but we will see.

iPad Mini

New iPad mini is expected for this year. The 7.9-inch iPad would have an upgraded processor, at least the level of performance of the iPad 2018 (Apple A10 Fusion CPU). iPad mini 5 will have a lower-cost panel, Apple pencil support and Smart Keyboard connectivity.


Apple’s Upcoming Product Updates Build On Predecessors

“We’re very simple people at Apple. We focus on making the world’s best products and enriching people’s lives” -Tim Cook

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Apple Maps From The Ground Up

When Apple Maps was launched in 2012, it was met with nationwide controversy as the GPS service was imprecise and users were ending up at the wrong destination. Apple plans to change this as they have been rebuilding Apple Maps from the ground up for four years. The iOS map app currently uses third party data for mapping, which is unsatisfactory for Apple’s ability to make the best mapping platform possible. Thus, the new Apple Maps will rely on first person data collected from iPhone user data, providing more accurate and precise directions. The use of iPhone data allows Apple Maps to find the quickest routes possible, since it uses user data to locate traffic and how individuals get to their destination. Also, to provide accuracy, the company has deployed Apple vans across the country to take photos and map out roads.

Rebuilding Apple Maps is the only way the company believes it could create the best mapping software possible. Apple SVP, Eddie Cue, stated, “We have been working on trying to create what we hope is going to be the best map app in the world, taking it to the next step. That is building all of our own map data from the ground up.” The new Apple Maps will first be available to San Francisco on iOS 12, followed by a U.S. roll-out.

Apple Maps Car (Source: Flickr)

AirPods Get Luxurious

Apple’s ludicrously successful wireless headphones, AirPods, are rumored to be getting a high end version in 2019. Reports coming out are stating that the new AirPods will have noise cancellation, water resistance, biometrics, and an increased range. One of the biggest issues surrounding Apple’s Beats and AirPod line is that they aren’t antiperspirant, preventing users from working out with them on. So these higher end headphone will solve the problem and widen Apple’s headphone market to the fitness sector. In recent years, the company has been promoting positive health and one way they are advancing this is through biometric sensors. Biometrics will allow runners to see their heart rate and view their workout progress through the Health app.

AirPods (Source: Flickr)

Apple’s stock has been volatile this past week, dipping slightly late Friday afternoon.

AAPL Price (Source: YCharts)

Apple Stock News: Apple Finally Caught Up With IPhone X Demand

Apple Stock News

Apple has finally caught up with the iPhone X demand. The phone, which faced shipment issues on its debut due to supply chain constraints, can now be acquired in only one day after ordering. The next-day delivery option is available in the United States, the United Kingdom and a few other countries.

With this balance between supply and demand, which does not mean weak demand, but rather better-than-expected production, Apple is expecting to break records on revenue and profitability. The company is expecting to sell 83 million units this holiday season, an increase of 5 million units from the previous record. Although this optimism released on Apple’s first-quarter guidance, we will have to wait to discover these numbers.

On September 8th, 2017, I Know First forecasted that Apple’s iPhone X would find many eager buyers, despite its high price. As expected, the new iPhone indeed met a strong demand and its production was increased. Since this bullish forecast that was sent to I Know First customers, Apple stock increased 9.4%.

Whilst the iPhone X is truly in stock, Apple’s AirPods are sold out online. Frustrating last-minute holiday shoppers, the AirPods will only be available in the first two weeks of January. According to Tim Cook, despite Apple’s increased production capacity of the AirPods, the company is still not able to meet the strong level of demand.

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $176.42 per share on December 18th, 2017. It generated profits of 1.40% from its previous close on December 17th, 2017, when it closed at $173.97 per share.

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Apple Stock News: Apple’s AirPods Shipments Are Expected To Double Next Year

Apple Stock News

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s most accurate forecaster, Apple AirPods will explode in popularity next year. Its shipments are expected to double in 2018, growing from 13-14 million units in 2017 to a range of 26 to 28 million units.

The 100% year-over-year growth is from one of Apple’s most popular wireless accessories. The Bluetooth headphones launched late last year were hard to find at first. Its availability struggled to meet demand, as can be seen by Apple Store’s shipping estimate for the AirPods being a six-week wait.

Kuo said that Apple is now addressing its supply problems by adding a new China-based assembler, Luxshare. Previously, it was only manufactured by Inventec. This increased manufacturing capacity. Consequently, the AirPods expected shipping time from the point of ordering shortened to 1-3 days.

Moreover, Apple is also planning to release a new wireless charging method for the AirPods, yet there has been no official date for the release.

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $168.8 per share on December 4th, 2017. It generated losses of 0.73% from its previous close on December 3rd, 2017, when it closed at $171.05 per share.

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Apple Stock News: Preparing For The Holiday Season

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $109.99 on Wednesday, November 16th, with a 2.68% gain, or $2.88 from its previous close of $107.11 per share.  The stock rose as retail giant, Target Corp, revealed favorable results.  Target’s latest quarter earnings on Wednesday, revealed demand for Apple products were three times as much as a year ago.  Such encouraging news will make investors anxious for Apple’s sales figure for the upcoming holidays.

Apple Stock News

The much anticipated airpods is scheduled to be released before holiday in December.  I Know First’s previous article in September 11, 2016, briefly described the iPhone 7 and its future phones to forgo the 3.5 mm jack.  Utilizing lighting technology, these head sets are designed to replace auxiliary headphones.  Originally scheduled to be released on October 2016, Apple will begin shipping the airpods next month, December 2016.

In a bid to boost its fastest growing business segment, service, Apple will cut fees for video services by half.  Although this will appease Apple’s customers, some see this decision as anti-competitive.  Starting next month, Apple will release a new app to show tv shows and movies shared from multiple apps.  Despite not releasing its first original tv series, Apple is continuing to diversify its revenue stream from its slowing iPhone sales.  Moreover, this could alleviate Apple’s dependence on a single product. Seems likely, Apple’s first tv series will be delayed further.

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