Apple Stock News: Assembly Automation, Diagnostics Tool, No AI Partnership

Apple Stock News: Assembly Automation


Apple Stock News: The Information reported that after COVID-19 lockdowns and protests in China affected Foxconn in late 2022, Apple’s operations VP Sabih Khan instructed managers to cut iPhone assembly line workers by up to 50% over the next few years.

To meet this goal, Apple began approving expensive automation projects for iPhone assembly, leading to significant automation in iPhone 15 production. However, manufacturing complexities posed challenges. For example, Apple had to cancel some automation processes for the iPhone 16 series due to high defect rates. This year, Apple aimed to use machines for installing the iPhone’s buttons, receiver, speaker, and main logic board, but the machines struggled with proper fastening, according to supply chain sources. Apple’s push for automation could help move more iPhone assembly to countries like India, Vietnam, and Thailand, diversifying its supply chain in Southeast Asia.

Diagnostic Tool


Apple announced the launch of a diagnostics tool for self-service iPhone, Mac, and Studio Display repairs in Europe. This tool allows customers to complete the System Configuration process independently by placing their device in Diagnostics Mode and following on-screen prompts, eliminating the need to contact Apple. Available in 32 European countries, including the U.K., France, Germany, and the Netherlands, this tool was previously only accessible to technicians. The self-service repair program, launched in 2022, provides customers with genuine Apple parts, tools, and manuals for DIY repairs of select models.

AI Partnership With Meta


Apple declined an AI partnership with Meta due to privacy concerns, according to Bloomberg. Brief talks occurred in March, but Apple decided not to integrate Meta’s large language model (LLM) into iOS. Contrary to a Wall Street Journal report suggesting ongoing discussions about integrating Meta’s LLM, Llama, into iOS 18, Bloomberg indicates Apple never seriously considered the partnership. Apple’s decision was influenced by concerns over Meta’s privacy practices.

Instead, Apple signed a deal with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia, allowing users to opt-in and enabling Siri to hand off some requests to ChatGPT. Apple is also in discussions with Google to integrate Gemini and with Anthropic for other AI collaborations. At WWDC, Apple’s software engineering chief, Craig Federighi, stated that Apple aims to offer users a choice among different AI models by partnering with multiple providers.

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