Apple Stock News: Next-Gen Chip Technology, Retail Store in Malaysia, MacBook Pro Could

Apple Stock News: Next-Gen Chip Technology on Track


Apple Stock News: TSMC is set to deliver 2nm chip technology next year, with Apple planning to use it for its custom silicon. TSMC’s Vice President Zhang Xiaogang confirmed the 2nm process is on track for mass production in 2025, despite rumors of delays. Apple’s COO Jeff Williams recently visited Taiwan to secure the supply.

Currently, the iPhone 15 Pro uses TSMC’s 3nm process for its A17 Pro chip, and the new M4 chip in the iPad Pro uses an enhanced version of this technology. The transition to 2nm chips is expected to improve performance by 10-15% and reduce power consumption by up to 30%. TSMC remains the sole producer capable of meeting Apple’s 2nm and 3nm chip requirements, with the first 2nm chips likely debuting in the iPhone 17 in 2025.

OLED MacBook Pro Could


Apple is likely to launch MacBook Pros with OLED displays in 2026, according to market research firm Omdia. Omdia projects a 37% increase in demand for OLED displays in mobile devices from 2023 to 2031, driven by their superior color, contrast, and flexibility.

Apple’s introduction of OLED in the iPad Pro is expected to triple OLED tablet demand in 2024. Apple plans to extend OLED technology to the iPad mini and iPad Air, pushing overall tablet OLED demand to over 30 million units by 2029. Recently, Samsung began developing an 8-inch OLED panel for the iPad mini and is investing $3.14 billion in its South Korean facility to produce OLED panels for future MacBook Pros. Apple is expected to update the iPad mini and iPad Air with OLED technology in 2026.

First Retail Store in Malaysia


Apple will open its first retail store in Malaysia on June 22 at The Exchange TRX mall in Kuala Lumpur, marking its expansion in southeast Asia. This will be the sixth Apple Store in the region, following three in Singapore and two in Thailand.

The store features a distinctive tiered white pyramid design. To celebrate the opening, Apple has created a webpage and released special wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, featuring the Apple logo and “Jom,” meaning “let’s go” in Malay. Though Apple doesn’t manufacture iPhones in Malaysia, it does produce some Mac models there.

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