Apple Stock News: Assembling in Brazil, Development Facilities in China, Loses Supplier, New Store

Apple Stock News: Assembling iPhone 15 in Brazil


Apple Stock News: Apple now assembles the iPhone 15 in Brazil, changing its global manufacturing to tackle high import taxes and diversify the supply chain. The assembly occurs at the Foxconn facility in São Paulo, aiming to cut down on the steep import fees in Brazil, which inflate electronics prices for consumers. Although Apple hasn’t lowered the retail price yet, the iPhone 15 still sells for R$7,300 (about $1,460) for the 128GB model, nearly double the US price. This move is part of Apple’s strategy to broaden its manufacturing beyond China and reduce reliance on one region. Only the 6.1-inch iPhone 15 model is assembled in Brazil, other models are imported from China. Brazilian customers can tell if their iPhone 15 is locally assembled by checking the model number, with Brazilian units labeled “BR/A” while imported ones are “BE/A” or “BZ/A.”

Development Facilities in China


Apple has announced its intention to expand its research and development labs in China. According to a statement provided to the South China Morning Post, the company will enlarge its research center in Shanghai to support all product lines and establish a new lab in Shenzhen later this year. The Shenzhen lab will focus on testing and research for key products like the iPhone, iPad, and Vision Pro headset. This expansion aims to strengthen collaboration with local suppliers and support Apple’s growing workforce in China. Isabel Ge Mahe, Apple’s vice-president and managing director of Greater China, expressed pride in deepening ties in China and expanding the company’s presence. Apple has already invested $139.2 million in its Shanghai research center and recently announced plans to open a new store in Shanghai’s Jing’an district on March 21.

Loses Supplier


The microLED Apple Watch Ultra project may have hit another snag, hinted by Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants. Kulicke & Soffa revealed in an SEC filing the cancellation of a project tied to advanced displays, possibly related to the microLED Apple Watch. This move is expected to cost them up to $130 million. Meanwhile, AMS-Osram also reconsidered its microLED strategy after a significant project cancellation, likely linked to the same Apple Watch. Analysts speculate Apple may have put the project on hold, but conflicting reports suggest they might be exploring alternative suppliers. Regardless, the microLED Apple Watch Ultra release seems distant.

New Store


Apple announced a new retail store at the Square One shopping mall in Mississauga, Ontario, replacing the existing one. The new store, located on the second floor, will be larger and better suited for high foot traffic. However, Apple hasn’t revealed the opening date or responded to inquiries yet.

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