Apple Stock News: Deal With Broadcom, Shipment of Mixed-Reality Headset, Expanding to Mercedes-Benz

Apple Stock News: Multibillion-Dollar Deal With Broadcom to Make Components


Apple Stock News: Apple has partnered with Broadcom in a multibillion-dollar deal to produce key components for its devices in the United States. The agreement includes 5G and wireless connectivity components that will be designed and made in the U.S. This collaboration is part of Apple’s ongoing investment in the American economy, which aims to spend $430 billion over five years. The partnership will also lead to job creation and support for automation and training programs.

Fall Short in Mixed-Reality Headset Shipments of 100 000 Units


According to Taiwanese research firm TrendForce, Apple’s mixed-reality headset is primarily aimed at developers and may see fewer than 100,000 units shipped this year. The high cost, manufacturing challenges, and developer focus are expected to limit sales mainly to pre-orders. The headset’s estimated price of around $3,000 is seen as a significant barrier to wider market growth. TrendForce predicts shipments to fall short of 100,000 units, with production potentially capped at 300,000 units. Previous sales expectations have been downgraded from seven million to 10 million units to now around 900,000 units, making TrendForce’s estimate the lowest so far.

Mercedes-Benz Preparing to Launch Digital Car Key Support


Mercedes-Benz is now joining the list of automakers that support Apple’s digital car key feature for iPhone and Apple Watch. This feature, available on select models, allows users to add a digital car key to their Wallet app, enabling them to lock, unlock, and start their car without a physical key. Mercedes-Benz’s new E-Class sedan will offer this feature, known as Digital Vehicle Key, as part of its KEYLESS-GO Comfort Package. The E-Class digital key can be shared with up to 16 people, with customizable access rights. Different vehicles may require different proximity methods for unlocking, and some may even support remote lock and unlock using the digital car key.

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