Apple Stock News: Steal Trade Secrets, AR/VR Targets Sports, Gaming, and Fitness, Beats Studio Buds+

Apple Stock News: Masimo alleges Apple used unethical methods

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Apple Stock News: Apple is currently in a legal dispute with Masimo over allegations of trade secret theft and poaching of employees for the development of the Apple Watch. Masimo is seeking co-ownership of five pulse oximetry patents and a $3.1 billion payout. Apple denies the accusations and claims that Masimo is targeting them because of the success of the Apple Watch. The trial is ongoing, with the jury expected to begin deliberations soon.

Focusing on Sports, Gaming, and Fitness Apps for AR/VR Headset

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Apple is launching a mixed reality headset in June and creating sports, gaming, wellness, and collaboration apps for it. The device will use iPad apps, optimize built-in apps, and have a geolocation feature. Users can run multiple apps and access existing App Store content. There will be a Fitness+ app for exercising, a Health app for meditation, and a TV app for immersive viewing. A Camera app will take images, and a version of Freeform will be adapted for collaboration. Apple is working with gaming developers and has tools for AR/VR experiences. The headset is expected to cost $3,000, and sales of one million units in the first year are expected. Apple will need to offer compelling software experiences to persuade people to buy it.

Beats Studio Buds+ Earbuds Spotted in FCC Database


Apple is working on a new version of the Beats Studio Buds called the Beats Studio Buds+, which has been confirmed by FCC filings. The earbuds look similar to the current version but will feature improved Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency. They will still use a Beats chip. It is not known when the new earbuds will be released or what their pricing will be, but they could be priced higher than the current $150 version due to their potential advancements.

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