Apple Stock News: OLED Displays, iPhone Journaling App, Silicon Mac Pro

Apple Stock News: OLED Displays for 2027

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Apple Stock News: Apple will use OLED displays on most of its MacBook, iPad, and external display models by 2027, according to Omdia. This will lead to a significant increase in worldwide OLED shipments, with laptops being the main contributor to growth. Expected that worldwide OLED shipments will rise rapidly from around 9.7 million units in 2022 to over 70 million in 2028. Most of this growth will be driven by laptops, but the number of OLED tablets will also increase sharply during this period. Apple will also phase out LCD and mini-LED displays on mobile devices by 2026.

CarPlay is Now Available in Over 800 Vehicle Models


CarPlay is now in over 800 vehicle models sold in the US, up from 600 last week. However, GM plans to phase out CarPlay in future electric vehicles in favor of its own software platform developed with Google. At WWDC last year, Apple stated that 79% of US buyers would only consider a vehicle that works with CarPlay, and that CarPlay is available in 98% of vehicles sold in the country. Apple plans to introduce the next generation of CarPlay later this year, with multiple display support, instrument cluster integration, built-in climate controls, and more. Apple said the first vehicles with support for the new CarPlay experience will be announced later this year. British automaker Lotus may also support Apple’s digital car key feature.

Logging Daily Activities


Apple is reportedly developing a Day One-style iPhone journaling app that will enable users to track their daily activities, as part of the company’s move into the physical and mental health market. According to The Wall Street Journal, the app will have the ability to collect more user data than third-party journaling apps, including access to text messages and phone calls. However, privacy and security will be a priority for the app’s design. The app will feature a personalization feature that highlights potential topics for users to write about and an “All Day People Discovery” feature to detect a user’s physical proximity to others. It is unclear whether the app will be offered for free or if it will be a feature of the upcoming iOS 17.

Apple Silicon Mac Pro Not Coming at WWDC


The new Apple silicon Mac Pro may not be announced at WWDC 2023, but is expected to launch later this year. The next-generation Mac Studio is also unlikely to have M2 chips and may be refreshed with M3 chips to avoid cannibalizing the Mac Pro. The 15-inch MacBook Air with an M2 chip was supposed to launch last year, while the 13-inch model may receive the M3 chip before the larger model. “In-air typing” may be present on Apple’s mixed-reality headset despite its finicky experience, and the headset’s battery life may not improve in successive generations.

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