Apple Stock News: Chatgpt-like AI, Hiring Freeze, Competing for Orders, and New Store in South Korea

Apple Stock NewsL Apple Engineers Are Developing Chatgpt-like AI

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Apple Stock News: According to MacRumors, despite basic problems with how Siri is constructed, Apple is testing generative AI ideas that may eventually find their way into the virtual assistant. According to reports, Apple employees, including those on the Siri team, have been trying language-generation ideas “every week” in reaction to the popularity of chatbots like ChatGPT.

The “cumbersome design” made it extremely challenging for engineers to add new functions. For instance, Siri’s database is “one giant snowball” and has a substantial collection of phrases in around two dozen different languages. The entire Siri database must be rebuilt in order to make simple adjustments like adding new phrases to the data set, which might take up to six weeks. Major corporations like Apple, Meta, and Amazon have reevaluated how the technology is produced in response to the increased interest in generative AI spurred by ChatGPT.

Apple Increases its Hiring Freeze


According to MacRumors, Apple has chosen to extend its hiring freeze to cover more positions in light of declining sales. After cutting down recruiting and spending in July of last year, Apple stopped hiring for the majority of positions outside of research and development late last year in an effort to reduce costs. Apple also intends to lower the frequency of bonuses for a portion of its corporate workers in addition to halting hiring. The salary of Apple CEO Tim Cook has decreased this year as well, falling by around 50% from the $99 million he received in 2022. Apple, in contrast to many other IT businesses, has not announced layoffs, choosing to concentrate on reducing hiring.

Suppliers Competing for Orders


According to MacRumors, Several suppliers are eager to help with semiconductor final assembly for Apple’s alleged 5G modem project. While Apple’s chipmaking partner TSMC is anticipated to provide the custom-designed modem, other manufacturers may be in charge of the final packaging stage. The packaging of the modem chips is a “competition” between ASE Technology and Amkor Technologies.

It has long been believed that Apple is creating its own 5G processor as a replacement internally. The fourth-generation iPhone SE, which is anticipated to be released around March 2024, is the first gadget that will likely be outfitted with Apple’s own 5G modem. Although the performance of Apple’s chip in comparison to Qualcomm’s modems is unknown, switching to an internal design would probably eventually result in lower production costs for Apple.

New Gangnam Store in South Korea

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According to MacRumors, this week, Apple said that it will launch its fifth physical location in South Korea on March 31 at 5:00 p.m. local time. The new store will be situated in Seoul, the South Korean capital city’s major Gangnam neighborhood. Apple has created a unique wallpaper for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac that can be downloaded in honor of the event on the store’s page.

After the opening of Apple American Dream in New Jersey in December, Apple Gangnam is the company’s first brand-new retail location. Apple has more than 520 retail outlets worldwide, including four more in Seoul.

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