Apple Stock News: Making Air Pods Components in India, Foldable Notebook in 2025, and Violated U.S. Labor Laws

Apple Stock News: Making Air Pods Components in India

Foldable Notebook: Air Pods
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Apple Stock News: According to MacRumors, an important milestone in the tech giant’s campaign to increase production in India has been made with the start of Air Pod component production in India by a U.S.-based Apple supplier. The plastic Air Pods enclosures are already being shipped to China and Vietnam by the Indian division of Florida-based electronics firm Jabil, making the earbuds the second Apple product after iPhones to be produced there. 

Within the next two years, Apple reportedly plans to quadruple the capacity of its Indian iPhone manufacturing facility. By March 2023, the value of iPhone shipments from India to Europe and the Middle East is anticipated to reach $2.5 billion, nearly tripling the $1.3 billion value of iPhones the nation shipped during the same period last year.

All-Screen Foldable Notebook in 2025

Apple Stock News: Foldable Notebook
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According to MacRumors, a 20.5-inch folding notebook being developed by Apple might be available as early as 2025. Apple is still working on some sort of foldable notebook product that, when folded, would include a full-size on-screen keyboard and, when unfolded, would allow the use of an external keyboard. It will be an entirely new product category for Apple, according to Young. The foldable Mac notebooks that are now on the market have a single monitor along with a keyboard and trackpad; the twin display design would be different.

Apple Violated U.S. Labor Laws

Apple Stock News: Apple logo
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According to MacRumors, when Apple sent out an email cautioning staff about exposing proprietary company information, it broke US labor rules. The National Labor Relations Act’s rights of employees are “tend to be interfered with, restrained, or coerced” by Apple’s rules against leaks.

Cook stated that employees who divulge private information about Apple “do not belong” there, regardless of whether they were talking about “product IP or the specifics of a private discussion.” The NLRB claims that Cook’s comments infringed worker rights, and as a result, Apple will have to reach a settlement with the NLRB in order to avoid receiving complaints.

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