Apple Stock News: 15-Inch MacBook Air, NBA Streaming Rights, New iMac, Apple’s Quality Standards.

Apple Stock News: 15-Inch MacBook Air

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Apple Stock News: According to MacRumors, the M2 chip will be included in Apple’s rumored 15-inch MacBook Air, which is expected to be unveiled in the second quarter of 2023, which runs from April to June. In July 2022, Apple already added the M2 processor to the 13-inch MacBook Air. The chip is made using TSMC’s second-generation 5nm manufacturing technology. The supply chain for Apple began manufacturing the display panels for a 15-inch MacBook Air this month, with the device expected to go on sale in “early April,” or at the start of the second quarter as it was today.

Interest in NBA Streaming Rights


According to MacRumors, Apple claims to be interested in purchasing an NBA streaming service. Apple is one of several companies with interest, along with Amazon and NBC Sports, with NBCUniversal showing a particular interest in repurchasing NBA games. To entice more people to subscribe to the Apple TV+ streaming service, Apple has been pursuing sports content.

Prior to Disney and Turner Sports purchasing the NBA rights more than 20 years ago, NBC had held those rights. The NBA may ultimately decide to renew its agreement with Disney and Turner Sports, but Apple still has a chance to submit a bid at this time.

New iMac with M3 Chip

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According to MacRumors, Apple won’t introduce a new 24-inch iMac until at least late 2023. In April 2021, Apple released the M1 chip and a new, ultra-thin, seven-color design for the iMac. Apple won’t release the iMac with the M3 chip until it is officially announced. Apple’s M3 chip is anticipated to be produced using the most recent 3nm process from TSMC, offering improved performance and power usage.

Only 50% of Indian-made iPhone Casings are up to Apple’s Quality Standards

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According to MacRumors, Apple is having trouble expanding its manufacturing facilities in India due to low component yields and sluggish development. It appears that the corporation is having a very difficult time increasing output in the nation. Only one out of every two components leaving the production line at a factory in Hosur managed by Apple supplier Tata that makes iPhone shells “is in acceptable enough form.”

Apple appears to be concentrating on a long-term strategy to increase the nation’s manufacturing capacity. To help train locals and set up production facilities, the business has sent product designers and engineers from California and China to factories in southern India. Apple is still working on its long-term strategy to diversify its worldwide supply chain.

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