Apple Stock News: OLED-equipped MacBook, Customized Displays On-Site, More Expensive iPhone 15 Pro, and Exit from Qualcomm Modem Chips

Apple Stock News: First OLED-Equipped MacBook

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Apple Stock News: According to MacRumors, by the end of 2024, Apple intends to introduce the first MacBook with an OLED display, enabling the creation of thinner and lighter MacBook models. OLED displays, in contrast to LCDs with mini-LEDs, feature self-emitting pixels and do not require illumination, giving MacBooks an even higher contrast ratio and enabling longer battery life. OLED panels seem destined for Macs and iPads over the coming years, but the Apple Watch may start to abandon the technology.

Apple Will Produce Customized Displays On-Site

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According to MacRumors, Apple aims to employ unique displays that it creates in-house for mobile devices like the iPhone and Apple Watch starting in 2024. Apple will add microLED panels to the iPhone and other devices after introducing them in the Apple Watch. Although Apple will likely design the displays, they will most likely be made by an outside vendor. In order to reduce the number of third-party component suppliers it needs to work with, Apple is making a “sweeping push” to produce more of the iPhone, iPad, and Mac’s components itself. The transition is one of Apple’s most “important projects,” according to reports, and the company has invested several billion dollars in developing display technology.

More Expensive iPhone 15 Pro Models?

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According to MacRumors, price increases for the iPhone 15 Pro versions compared to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are a possibility. It’s unclear how much the price increase might increase. Considering that the source of the Weibo post is unknown, it should be treated with caution for the time being. Since the smaller iPhone “Pro” model or its equal has been available for $999 since 2017, it is just a matter of time until Apple increases costs once more.

Beginning the Exit from Qualcomm Modem Chips

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According to MacRumors, as early as 2024, Apple hopes to begin replacing the Qualcomm modem chips included in its iPhones. To lessen its reliance on Qualcomm, Apple has been developing its own modem chip technology for a number of years. Apple plans to discontinue utilizing wireless components made by Broadcom in 2025 in addition to switching to its own in-house chips beginning in 2024. Apple is developing a WiFi and Bluetooth chip to take the place of the parts it now gets from Broadcom. With the change to 5G, Apple wished to leave Qualcomm in order to cease paying Qualcomm’s fees and switch to using Intel technology.

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