Apple Stock News: Bonuses for Foxconn, Speculation Claims about the New MacBook Pros

Apple Stock News: Large Bonuses for Foxconn to Reduce Worker Shortages

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Apple Stock News: According to MacRumors, Foxconn, an Apple supplier, is double the amount of daily bonuses it gives employees in order to keep enough people on staff to continue manufacturing iPhones. Foxconn will be paying its Zhengzhou factory employees a bonus of 400 yuan per day ($55) in November instead of the customary 100 yuan. Workers in Zhengzhou have wished to leave to avoid being stranded at the factory in the event of a stricter lockdown as COVID has spread around the city. Although Foxconn is attempting to minimize the supply concerns by providing bonuses and stepping up production at another factory in Shenzhen, employee issues at the Zhengzhou plant might cause iPhone output to decline by as much as 30%.

Speculation Claims That the Release of The New 14-Inch And 16-Inch MacBook Pros Has Been Postponed Until 2023.

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According to MacRumors, contrary to previous speculations that said Apple would unveil new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models in November, powered by the as-yet-unannounced M2 Pro and M2 Max CPUs, a fresh report claims the company will instead introduce the new laptops in 2019. The fact that Apple has previously introduced new Macs in November, including the initial 16-inch MacBook Pro in 2019 and the first three Macs with the M1 chip in 2020, gave support to the notion that new MacBook Pro models were about to be released. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, stated on the most recent earnings call that the company’s “product lineup is set” ahead of the holidays, presumably implying that there won’t be any new product introductions this year as Apple prepares for the Christmas season.

A New EU Law Might Compel Apple to Permit Sideloading Other App Stores

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According to MacRumors, new EU regulations came into effect that may require Apple to allow consumers to access third-party app stores and allow sideloading of apps on iPhones and iPads. The Digital Markets Act (DMA) imposes regulations on tech behemoths that satisfy its “gatekeeper” standards and compel them to make their different services and platforms available to other businesses and developers. Due to the scale of its yearly sales in the EU, the fact that it owns and runs platforms with a substantial number of active users, and the length of time it has met these requirements, Apple is almost certain to be categorized as a “gatekeeper” and will, as a result, be subject to the DMA’s regulations. In the United States, Apple is likewise subject to the legislation of a similar nature. In June, House lawmakers introduced antitrust legislation that, if passed, would significantly alter the tech sector.

Introducing Football Manager 2023 Touch for Apple Arcade

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According to MacRumors, with the impending release of Football Manager 2023 Touch, the well-known franchise Football Manager is slated to reach Apple Arcade. Players can assume the position of a football manager in Football Manager 2023 Touch and manage some of the top football teams in the globe. The iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV versions of Football Manager 2023 Touch will all support cross-platform play, with game progress being kept in iCloud. Support for game controllers is offered.

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