Apple Stock News: Apple Increases Shipment of iPhone 14, Apple’s Corporate Acquisitions, Deal with Streaming Rights

Apple Stock News: Apple Increases iPhone 14 Shipment Expectation to 95 Million Units

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Apple Stock News: According to the Taiwan Economic Times, Apple has informed suppliers that it now expects sales of the iPhone 14 series to be better than initially expected and that it will increase the number of devices it manufactures and ships from 90 million to 95 million, as suppliers have been increasing component shipments in the past few weeks, Mass production of the iPhone 14 is expected to begin this month.

The iPhone 14 series will include 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch models, including some iPhone 14 Some, some iPhone 14 Some Max, some iPhone 14 Pro Some, and some iPhone 14 Pro Some Max. At the top end of the upcoming iPhone line, users can expect some significant changes, including enhanced camera features through a new 48MP lens, a new pill shape and punch notch replacement, and faster performance for the A16 chip.

Apple Has Slowed Its Pace of Corporate Acquisitions


Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that Apple has sharply slowed its acquisition over the past two years. Apple become more selective amid a sluggish economy and increased government scrutiny. The company spent $33 million on acquisitions in its last fiscal year, compared with $169 million in the first nine months of this year. That’s a decrease from $1.5 billion in fiscal 2020.

Apple has spent most of its time acquiring promising startups, some of which laid the groundwork for popular features like Siri and Face ID. As recently as last February, Tim Cook noted that Apple had acquired 100 companies in the previous six years — an average of more than one a month.

Apple has made only two known acquisitions in 2022: UK-based startups Credit Kudos and AI Music. The first of the two companies developed technology used to calculate credit scores, which could help Apple build its own infrastructure of financial products. The latter business uses artificial intelligence to generate tailored music. Apple’s only known acquisition in 2021 was Primephonic, a classical music streaming service.

Apple Could Ink Deal for Big Ten Streaming Rights

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Apple is in talks for Big Ten college football and basketball streaming packages, according to The Athletic. Both Apple and Amazon are said to be competing for streaming rights, with Apple joining the talks after it was revealed that USC and UCLA would join the league in 2024. With the exception of Fox’s live games, the top 10 media rights are expected to go to CBS and NBC, but streaming packages could go to Apple or Amazon. Currently, there’s no word on the structure of the streaming package, but it could be similar to Friday night MLB games or the NFL’s weekly Amazon Prime package.

Apple has been investing heavily in live sports in recent months to increase the appeal of Apple TV+. Apple has partnered with MLB to launch Friday Night baseball, which will be the exclusive home of Major League Soccer by 2023.

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