Apple Stock News: Electronic Paper Display, New Accessibility Features, Factory Relocation, Reinstating Employee Mask Mandate

Apple Stock News: Electronic Paper Display Technology for Future Foldable Devices

I hope the Pixel Fold isn't cancelled – Samsung needs some competition

Apple Stock News: Apple is testing electronic paper display (EPD) technology for future foldable devices and tablet applications,  according to Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo said on Twitter that color EPD displays made by Chinese company E Ink can be used on the outermost displays of foldable devices, while larger foldable displays will use more advanced display technology. The EPD will be more energy efficient than other forms of display technology, Kuo said, and as an e-ink technology, color EPD displays could also be used by Apple in new tablet devices.

Apple plans to first introduce a 9-inch foldable phone with a display size that falls between the iPhone and iPad around 2025. Kuo believes Apple’s foldable roadmap will initially focus on midsize devices, then devices with larger displays, and eventually expand to smaller devices, such as iPhone‌‌.

Apple Previews New Door Detection, Apple Watch Mirroring, and Live Captions Accessibility Features

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Apple is rolling out Door Detection, a cutting-edge navigation feature for blind or visually impaired users. Door detection helps users locate doors and know how close they are to them when they arrive at a new destination. The new feature combines the power of lidar, camera, and machine learning on the device and will be available on iPhone and iPad models equipped with lidar scanners. Door detection will be available in a new detection mode Magnifier, Apple’s built-in application for blind and low-vision users.

Apple Watch Mirroring is making the Apple Watch more accessible than ever for people with physical and motor impairments with Apple Watch Mirroring, which allows users to remotely control the Apple Watch from a paired iPhone. Apple Watch Mirroring allows users to control the Apple Watch using their iPhone’s auxiliary features, such as voice and switch controls, And use input including voice commands, voice movements, head tracking, or the external Made for iPhone switch instead of tapping the Apple Watch display.

MacBook Pro Supplier Considering Relocating Factory to Increase Production

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Apple supplier Quanta Computer is considering the feasibility of moving production of its MacBook Pro to Chongqing, China, as production at its Shanghai plant remains constrained by lockdown restrictions, according to DigiTimes, citing industry sources. The move could gradually improve the availability of MacBook Pro models and shorten the extended delivery times Apple customers have experienced in recent weeks, but staffing and logistical issues could hinder progress.

In a tweet last month, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said Quanta was the sole supplier of high-end MacBook Pro models that were facing severe supply constraints. In the US, for example, all 14 – and 16-inch MacBook Pro configurations are currently expected to be delivered to Apple’s online store between mid-July and early August.

During its earnings call last month, Apple said supply constraints caused by COVID-related outages and an industry-wide silicon shortage were affecting the company’s ability to meet customer demand for its products. Apple said it expected the restrictions to have a $4 billion to $8 billion impact on its revenue in the June quarter.

Apple Reinstating Employee Mask Mandate


According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple retail employees at about 100 stores will need to return to wearing face masks at work. Apple has again made masks mandatory for its employees as the number of COVID-19 cases across the US continues to rise. Throughout the pandemic, Apple has been adjusting its operational policies to comply with local regulations and reduce the risk to employees and customers in areas where COVID-19 has surged. In March, when COVID-19 levels were low, Apple ended its requirement for masks, and employees at all locations still didn’t need them. In addition to requiring retail employees to wear masks in some locations, Apple today told corporate employees that they must re-wear masks in public areas. Apple is also temporarily maintaining a two-day workweek at the office for its employees and will push it back to a three-day workweek.

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