Apple Stock News: Annual Worldwide Developers Conference, First OLED iPad, Second-Generation AirPods Pro

Apple Stock News: Apple Will Host Its Annual Worldwide Developers Conference Online

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Apple Stock News: Apple announced that it will host its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) online from June 6 to 10, free for all developers to attend. Building on the success of virtual events over the past two years, WWDC22 will showcase the latest innovations in iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS, while giving developers access to Apple engineers and technology to learn how to create breakthrough applications and interactive experiences.

At WWDC22, Apple’s growing global community of more than 30 million developers will gain insight and access to technologies and tools to make their vision a reality. In addition to announcements of keynote addresses and State of the Union sharing, this year’s program will include more information sessions, more S.T.A.R. Learning LABS, more digital lounges to interact with attendees, and more localized content to make WWDC22 a truly global event.

Apple Suppliers Preparing for First OLED iPad in 2024

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In response to Apple’s supply needs, BOE, a major Apple supplier, will build an 8.6-generation OLED display panel production line at its B16 plant in China’s Sichuan province to supply OLED displays for Apple’s future iPads and Macs. The company plans to compete with South Korea’s Samsung Display and LG Display to supply OLED panels for Apple’s future iPad and MacBook models. Both Samsung and LG are said to be using the 6th generation production line for their first iPad OLED panels, BOE’s 8.6 will be more competitive. BOE is also testing two-layer series OLED technology that provides higher brightness and longer life. That makes two-layer tandem OLED displays more suitable for devices like iPads and MacBooks, which typically last longer than smartphones. Apple plans to release its first iPad model with an OLED display in 2024. A previous report said the first MacBook with AN OLED display would be available in 2025.

Apple Plans to Release the Second-Generation AirPods Pro in the Second Half of 2022

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Apple plans to release the second generation of AirPods Pro in the second half of 2022, noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in a tweet today. Apple is likely to discontinue the first Generation of AirPods Pro when it releases a new one later this year, and Kuo also said that demand for the third generation of AirPods is “significantly weaker” than the second, As a result, Apple’s orders for third-generation AirPods from suppliers fell by at least 30% in the second and third quarters of this year. Kuo has previously claimed that the second-generation AirPods Pro will feature a “significantly upgraded” wireless chip compared to the H1 chip in the original AirPods Pro. The chip powers audio-related functions such as active noise reduction, and improvements to the technology could extend battery life and thus listening time per charge. Kuo also expects the new AirPods Pro to support lossless audio on Apple Music.

Harrison Ford to Star in Upcoming Apple TV+ Series

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Actor Harrison Ford has signed on to star in the upcoming Apple TV+ series “Shrinking,” which comes from actor Jason Segel, “Ted Lasso” co-creator Bill Lawrence, and “Ted Lasso” star and writer Brett Goldstein, who plays Roy Kent on the series. Ford will be joined by Jason Segel, who plays a major role in the series. In the 10-episode comedy series, Segal will play a grieving therapist who starts breaking the rules and telling his clients what he really thinks of them.

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