Apple Stock News: Alternative Payment Systems in the App Store, Sports Broadcast, Beats Fit Pro, and HomePod Mini

Apple Stock News: Innovation in App Store in South Korea

Apple Stock News - App Store

Apple Stock News: Apple is adapting to a new law adopted in South Korea that bans app store operators from enforcing developers to use only their in-app payment systems. The Korea Herald reports that to comply with the law Apple will allow using alternative payment services. Also, Apple plans to let purchases through alternative payment systems with a reduced service fee.  Apple has not set any precise information yet and is still discussing details with Korea Communications Commission, but Apple is willing to come up with the best solution for developers and users.

Apple and MLB are Considering Cooperation

Apple Stock News - Cooperation with MLB

According to The New York Post, Apple has entered negotiations with Major League Baseball (MLB) about the possibility of MLB games demonstration on the Apple TV+ platform. It is a big step for Apple in the competitive field of video streaming services. One of main Apple’s competitors – Amazon already has a deal with NFL with a right to show “Thursday Night Football” starting this fall.

At present Apple TV+ offers only on-demand television and movie content. And for a long period live sport was prevailed by cable sports channel. Thus broadcast of live sport on Apple+ will not only attract the new public to service and provide it with exclusive sports content, but also will be a huge step in sports broadcast evolvement. Major of rights for MLB games is owned by ESPN. Nevertheless, the negotiations with Apple are about the weekday national games held on Mondays and Wednesdays, that is no longer owned by the ESPN channel.

Apple Stock News: Global Launch of Beats Fit Pro

Apple Stock News - Beats Fit Pto

Apple has set the date for Beats Fit Pro wireless earbuds international launch to January 24, as a pre-orders start, and January 28 for official global release. The new earbuds model is fitness-focused and includes flexible wingtips to successfully stay in the ear while training. Residents of the USA and China have already got acquainted with this product, corresponding launches were in November and December 2021, and Beats Fit Pro receive good reviews.

HomePod Mini is Expected to be Launched in 7 New Countries

Apple Stock News - HomePod Mini

Apple is currently undergoing a process of language support testing of the HomePod Mini. Due to testing, Apple is expected to launch the HomePod Mini in several new countries including Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. They have already released a software update with language support of Belgian, Swiss, Dutch, and Russian languages in December. So in total, Apple is rumored to launch a HomePod Mini in seven new countries in 2022.

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