Apple Stock News: Supply Chain Crisis, New MacBook Pro, Apple TV+ Expected to Reach 36 Million Subscribers

Apple’s supply chain crisis has led to a decline in iPhone13 production

iPhone 13

Apple Stock News: Apple’s factory in Jiangsu province in China has been potentially affected by government power rationing. More recently, apple’s supply chain woes have been compounded by a shortage of raw materials for the iPhone. According to Yahoo Finance, Apple had planned to produce 90 million new iPhones in the fourth quarter. However, production is expected to be reduced because its suppliers Texas Instruments (TXN) and Broadcom (AVGO) cannot supply the required number of components. Texas Instruments supplies OLED display components to Apple and gets wireless components from Broadcom. The simultaneous shortages at Texas Instruments and Broadcom will have a ripple effect through Apple’s supply chain.

As a result, Apple is expected to cut its production guidance for the iPhone 13 by as much as 10 million units because of component shortages.

New MacBook Pro will introduce on October 18

MacBook PRO

Apple will hold an event named “Unleashed” on October 18 at the Steve Jobs Theater on the Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California.

According to Yahoo Finance, The new MacBook Pro will come with the biggest change since the current design was introduced in October 2016. In addition to a new design, the MacBook Pro will also bring back an HDMI port and remove the Touch Bar from the keyboard. On the other hand, the new MacBook Pro will use a higher-end version of the M1 chip, with higher performance in key computing tasks and graphics.

Apple Stock News: Apple TV+ Expected to Reach 36 Million Subscribers by 2026

Apple TV

According to Macrumors, Apple TV+ digital streaming service is expected to have 36 million subscribers by the end of 2026. Apple TV + doesn’t have a competitive advantage on subscribers over its competitors in the streaming industry.

Disney will have 284.2 million subscribers in 2026. Netflix is expected to have 270.7 million subscribers. Amazon Prime Video subscribers are expected to grow to 243.4 million.

Apple Stock News: New Regional Headquarters will build at the Border of Los Angeles


According to Yahoo Finance, Apple announced its plans for a new regional headquarters on the border of Los Angeles and Culver City last Friday. This new regional headquarters will occupy 550,000 square feet with two office buildings with a shared wall.  The new regional headquarters will be occupied by Apple TV+ Team, Apple Music Team, Engineering Team, and AI Team. In addition, the office will be close to public transportation and will provide a private shuttle service for employees. Environmentally, the office will be powered by 100% renewable energy and will be designed and functional to minimize the building’s impact on the environment.

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