Apple Stock News: Apple Watch Series 7 Release Date, A15 Chip Independent Tests Result, Growth on Apple Store

Apple Watch Series 7 will release on Oct. 15

Apple Stock News: The Apple event hold on September 14 did not give an exact release date for the launch of the Apple Watch 7, but the latest news confirmed that the Apple Watch 7 will be released on October 15. From October 8, customers are able to order Apple Watch 7, starting at 8 a.m. New York time.

According to Apple, One of the biggest highlights of the Apple Watch is the update to the display, which has been completely redesigned,  it will be the largest and most advanced display, with a 40% reduction in the bezel, which gives the screen nearly 20% more real estate than the Series 6. The screen is more than 50 percent larger than the Series 3.

A15 Chip Independent Test Results

Chip independent tests

According to MacRumors, Apple’s new iPhone 13  features the latest A15 Bionic processor, Apple indicates that A15 is 50 percent faster than its competitors. Anand Tech’s report which includes the test results for core improvements to chip performance, efficiency, and graphics verify the claim by Apple, Anand Tech said A15 is 62 percent faster than its competitors.

 A15 has two new CPU microarchitectures, one for two performance cores and four efficiency cores, which are likely to be manufactured using the 5nm+ process. The A15 system cache has been increased to 32MB, which is twice as large as the A14 system cache. The powerful improvements on A15 are significant factors to support the longer battery life seen on the ‌iPhone 13‌ series.

Growth on Apple Store

Apple Store

According to Investors, The App Store continues to perform well which has a 19% growth this quarter, Games are the most important factor which contributes to the rapid growth for the App Store. The game sector takes 30 percent of sales as distribution fees. On the other hand, The Wall Street Journal recently estimated that Apple made $8.5 billion in operating profit from gaming in fiscal 2019.

Apple Stock News: The issue for Purchasing iPhone 13 by Apple Card

According to MacRumors, many Apple Card users had encounter problems when they placing orders for their new iPhone 13. Apple sent an email to affected customers today to inform them that even if they are unable to complete their purchase, they will receive 3% of the daily cash they earned when buying ‌iPhone 13‌ with their Apple Card.

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