Apple Stock News: Apple Buys Primephonic, Health Scanner in Smartwatches, Satellite Capabilities in the Future iPhones

Apple Buys Classical Music Service Primephonic

Apple Stock News: Apple has acquired the classic music streaming service Primephonic and plans to launch the app next year. The purchase price of Primephonic was not disclosed. Primephonic’s playlists and audio content will be integrated into Apple Music in the coming months, the company said on Monday. The existing Primephonic service will shut down on September 7, but subscribers will receive six months of Apple Music for free.

Since the launch of Apple Music in 2015, Apple has made several acquisitions to support the service. In 2018, the company bought the Shazam music recognition app, which allows customers to identify songs and add them to their playlists.


Apple Plans to Add Blood Pressure Sensor to Smartwatches

Apple is reportedly working on health-related features for its smartwatches. One possible innovation is a tool that tells users when their blood pressure is high and a thermometer to help plan fertility. The company is expected to release its seventh version of the Apple Watch in the coming weeks, but most of its more ambitious health-related improvements aren’t expected until 2022. Fertility may be available as early as next year, along with potential improvements in monitoring irregular heartbeats and updates to sleep tracking.


Apple Inc. Wants to Bring Satellite Capabilities to the iPhone

Apple will focus on emergencies, allowing users to send text messages to first responders and report outages in areas where there is no cellular service. Apple is working on satellite technology and related emergency functions that will rely on satellite networks for future iPhones. Presumably, the team has been working on this since at least 2017.

TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the phone is likely to operate on a spectrum owned by Globalstar Inc. This has led to speculation that the iPhone will become something of a satellite phone, eliminating the need for users to rely on cellular networks. And while the next iPhone may have the hardware needed for satellite communications, the features are unlikely to be ready until next year, but plans have yet to be made public.


Apple Stock News: Apple Watch Series 7 Launch May Be Delayed

The upcoming new Apple Watch may be difficult to buy anytime soon. The watch is usually released alongside a new iPhone in September, and the same was expected this year. It even managed to get ahead of the iPhone last year by getting its own event, and the phone’s launch was delayed until October. However, Apple is reportedly experiencing issues with the watch, production is on hold and the release may have to be delayed until the issues are resolved. The concerns were reported by Nikkei and Bloomberg, who said discussions between Apple and its suppliers were ongoing.

Apple is believed to be in trouble due to the complexity of the new design rumored to come with the Apple Watch Series 7. Reports suggested that the display would be increased in size and the watch would be redesigned to give it flatter edges to match with the latest updates coming to iPhone, iPad, and iMac.


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