Apple Stock News: iPhone 13 Anticipated in September, Today at Apple Classes, The Judgment Royalty Decision

Top Apple Stock News: iPhone 13 Anticipated in September 

Top Apple Stock News: The tech world and fans of Apple Inc. are expecting a new iPhone 13 release in September. The Apple iPhone 13 is expected to have a new look and will have many differences from the iPhone 12. According to some leaks, we will see four new iPhones: iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The similarities to the previous iPhone model are likely to include cameras, sizes and prices, according to CNET reports. However, there will be design differences such as a thicker camera overhang, as well as several new color options such as bubblegum pink, matte black, and “Sunset Gold” bronze. All four iPhone 13 models are expected to have larger batteries and maybe thicker than the iPhone 12 by over 7.5mm. Alleged leaked photos show the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini with two diagonal cameras.


Apple plans to bring back in-person classes at its stores

According to Yahoo Finance, Apple has plans to bring back in-person classes at its stores on Aug. 30, but that plan could be delayed in some areas given a surge in Covid-19 cases. Today at Apple classes were launched in 2017 and allowed users to learn how to work with the company’s products. During the pandemic, lessons were held online, and now Apple has decided to return to the offline format.

Lessons will resume at most Apple stores in the US, including stores in New York, but not everywhere. Today at Apple was last held a year and a half ago in March 2020, shortly before many countries went into lockdown due to the pandemic. Apple canceled the masks in stores in June but then reinstated the requirement in recent weeks after the delta variant led to a new wave of virus infections. Also, Apple does not insist that corporate employees return to their offices until at least October.


By a Texas court ruling, Apple Inc. owes $ 300 million to use the company’s wireless technology in iPhones and other products.

A Texas judge upheld the jury’s decision that Apple should pay royalties to PanOptis Patent Management and its Optis Cellular and Unwired Planet divisions for patents owned by the company on the LTE cellular standard. Optis claims that Apple has used Optis’ proprietary technology in its 4G products. The order is received upon completion of the reconsideration of the case related to the patent dispute. In the first trial, a jury awarded Optis $ 506.2 million, according to a  Bloomberg report. In April, a US District Court judge upheld the jury’s finding of liability but ordered a new damages trial. The new litigation focused on the amount of royalties Apple was supposed to pay to Optis. Apple plans to appeal this decision.

In addition, Optis is trying to get about $ 7 billion from Apple. In this regard, a judge in the UK is considering the possibility of introducing a global royalty rate. Apple said it could exit the UK market if forced to pay an amount that is “commercially unacceptable.”


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