Apple Stock News: Time for AAPL Report, New Media Space, MagSafe Battery Pack

Top Apple News: AAPL Prepares to Beat EPS Expectations in the Second Financial Quarter

Apple plans to report its June-quarter results on July 27. On July 20th, Yahoo Finance reported that based on Apple’s quarterly results they predict a yearly increase in revenues and higher earnings. The company is projected to maintain a $1 dollar per share post quarterly earnings which shows an increase of 53.9% from the previous year. According to recent reports, revenues are expected to be 73 billion dollars an increase of more than 20% from the last quarter. Furthermore, during the last quarter, Apple showed better performance than analysts predicted performance of $1 earnings per share, generating $1.40, and increased by 40%. Apple’s current EPS expectation is $1.00, and AAPL systematically beat analytical EPS expectations in the previous four quarters, as seen in the chart below. As for the company’s products, analysts say that Apple’s hope to increase its quarter revenues may be hindered by-product supply rather than demand for the product. But however, because of Apple’s innovative technology and modern devices, analysts believe that the company is positioned to beat their sales numbers for their iPhone, Mac, and iPad products for this quarter.


Analysts have given Apple stock a 97 IBD composite rating out of 99. These ratings show a stock’s financial and technical performance on the market and reports say that the top companies generate a score over 90. Earlier this year, Apple became one of the first fortune 500 companies to reach a record-breaking $2 trillion dollars in revenue. Plus, Apple has added some new and unique features to their gadgets which have allowed them to maintain a top place in the market. Most notably, the introduction of the 5G software has enabled them to have a faster connection on their iPhone devices. In recent reports, the company announced that they plan to include this technology in all their iPhones, even the SE models, and upgrade from only being included in a couple of models presently, where reports presume that the company will be adding an improved A15 chip for better performance.


Apple Leases Hollywood Hub in Hopes of Enhancing Streaming Production

Rumors from a NewYorkPost article say that Apple is eyeing to lease a major production site in Los Angeles to grow their streaming efforts. Apple states that the new center could comprise more than half a million square feet, which is an addition to Apple’s already existing properties in the area. The company plans for the property to include sound stations to record their top shows such as Ted Lasso and the Morning Show. The company hopes that making this push into Hollywood will strengthen its commitment to its streaming market. As of now, Apple TV has only streamed a handful of popular shows and is having trouble competing with other major streaming companies on the market such as Netflix and Hulu. With this renovation, the company will have access to more space and bigger films in order to have a more competitive place in the industry.

A New Way to Charge Your Phone

Apple recently released a new MagSafe Battery Pack that wirelessly charges your phone, but with one hinge, users must download the latest version of iOS, version 14.7. Unlike other chargers, the new MagSafe starts charging your phone as soon as you attach it to the back of your device, and allows you to see the charging level on the home screen. It offers a powerful charging speed of up to 15 watts when the battery is connected to a power adapter of more than 20 watts or a compatible USB cable. and will be able to use 5 watts of power to charge the iPhone 12. Apple plans to sell the new powerful charging device for 99 dollars to charge the ‌iPhone 12 mini ‌, ‌iPhone 12‌, ‌iPhone 12 Pro, or ‌iPhone 12 Pro Max. Rumors state that the charging cable will provide about a 75% charge for the iPhone 12, a 50% charge for the iPhone 12 Pro, and a full charge for the iPhone 12 mini.


As for the design, Apple has diverted from previous elements of their smart battery cases. Unlike the previous silicone features, Apple’s new battery pack is a soft plastic that is not comparable in design with any product they have designed before. Some even say it dates back to their original 2006 computers and the color is distinctly white, unlike any shade Apple has made recently. Furthermore, many have said that the new charging case is very chunky and heavy and adds some extra weight to your iPhone. However, unlike the charging case, the battery pack comes off of the phone when not in use to remove the extra weight. So how do you charge the device? The device easily clicks onto the back of your phone and connects to a lightning cable for easy and quick charging. An additional feature, the MagSafe charger has a double feature that allows you to charge any Qi-compatible device most notably the AirPods or AirPods Pro if you remove it from the phone. Some even say it charges non-Apple devices such as Android phones.

China is Forced to Relocated its iPhone City after Major City Floods

News reports state that more than two dozen people have died after a disastrous flood swept through a Chinese province, Henan. The nearby towns experienced an exponentially amount of 18 inches of rain in 24 hours. The company says almost 100,000 have been evacuated and most of all it jeopardizes the manufacturing industry which is the biggest production hub of Apple iPhones. However luckily, reports say that the impact on iPhone manufacturing sites is assessed to be limited, the Hon Hai Precision company which owns a giant production plant for iPhones has reported that the flooding had no impact on their facility.

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