Apple Stock News: Increased Production of iPhone 13, New Buy-Now Pay Service, Deal with Misha Green

Top Apple Stock News: Apple Announced its Plan to Release the Next iPhone- and in Even More Quantity

On July 12th, Apple announced its plan to increase its production of the new version of the iPhone by 20% in the coming year. They plan to build around 90 million models of the iPhone 13 in four versions: the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Expected that the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines will unlock additional demand. The next iPhones will be Apple’s second with 5G, a key enticement pushing users to upgrade.

Most prominently, Bloomberg analysts remark that the current chip shortage is not going to affect Apple’s production of the new iPhone which will enable the company to keep on schedule for production. Apple is the key chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.’s biggest customer and its outsize orders make the launch of a new iPhone an annual event that suppliers across Asia plan for months in advance. it is also noted that sanctions against Huawei Technologies Co. are the major factor for Apple’s increased shipment orders.


Buy Now, Pay Later

Rumors from  say that Apple is coming out with a new kind of payment called buy now pay later where customers can pay off their purchase in different installments plans over time. The company plans to call this Apple Pay Later, and they plan to use the Goldman Sachs Group to manage loans and user installments, as they have done in the past with the Apple Credit Card. The company plans that customers will be able to pay in installments of two weeks with no interest, or across a few months with interest. Apple reports that users will be able to use any type of credit card to facilitate the Pay Later program and it is effective in retail shops and online stores. But, users who want to use the service will need to go through some preliminary steps. An application is required where users will have to submit a copy of their ID and be approved to join the program.

The buy now, pay later system could help drive Apple Pay adoption and convince more users to use their iPhone to pay for items instead of standard credit cards. Apple receives a percentage of transactions made with Apple Pay, driving additional revenue to the company more than $50 billion per year services business.


Apple Joins Forces with Misha Green

Apple recently announced a deal with Misha Green, a well-known TV actor who has done shows on HBO with her premiere of Lovecraft County and the drama Underground. The company hopes to grow its share in the streaming market to be able to compete with other major streaming companies such as Netflix and HBO. According to a recent news release, the company has received a record number of 25 Emmy nominations for their wide variety of content, yet the company recognizes that they have a lack of popular movies and thus is doing worse than other major streaming companies. 

Yet, Apple TV is rumored to have some exciting shows in the pipeline including Schmigadoon! coming out Jul 16, Mr. Corman coming out Aug 6, Sundance award-winning movie CODA coming out Aug 13, Foundation coming out in September, the Invasion coming out in  October, and The Shrink Next Door coming out in November just to name a few. Apple plans to also expand its product to be available in multiple languages, including currently Spanish and French where the company is reportedly already developing productions of Liaison, Acapulco, and Now and Then. Apple also plans to offer more documentary films to their collection of film options, most notably, the film 9/11: Inside the President’s War Room. Apple TV has grown substantially over the last quarter. The company revenue increased by 26.6% over the past year and was almost 18% of the majority of all revenues. 

File:Apple TV Plus Logo.svg

Apple in a Debacle Against the UK Cellular Market

Macrumors recently reported that a major UK cellular technology company is suing Apple after they declined to pay the required license fees of $7 billion needed to operate their devices. The matter was taken to the British High Court where they ruled that the company had violated two Optis patents, an entity that gains revenue and through looking at unfair uses of patents. They claimed that Apple violated a patent that would enable users to connect their devices to cellular networks. 


Apple is illegibly facing a court trial in June of 2022 to discuss how much they owe to Optis company for the violation of their patent. Surprisingly, last year, the UK supreme court ruled that it could determine the cost of patents for Apple worldwide, but it can only decide on infringements that occur in the UK. After that hearing a few months ago, Apple thought that the rate they were anticipated to pay to the UK market for the infringements was too much, so some of the company advisors saying they could best avoid the costs by leaving the UK market. But despite this, many say there is no evidence that 1) Apple would have the power to deny the rate set by the UK market 2) or that they can leave without financial setbacks.

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