Apple Stock News: WWDC 2021, New iPhone 13, Problems with iOS 14.5.1, and App Store Growth

Apple Stock News: WWDC 2021

Apple stock news WWDC2021

Top Apple Stock News: On May 24, Apple announced a completely virtual worldwide developers conference along with their agenda. The conference will be available and free to more than 30 million developers and shown in more than 227 regions. During the conference, developers will be able to gain inside access to the new developments featuring iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. They will gain a deeper understanding not only for the frameworks themselves but how they are relied on. Perhaps the best part of the conference is when developers get to work and engage with each other to build innovative programs. The conference will begin with a Keynote, then lead with a Platforms State of the Union before heading into Apple Design Awards, and finish with Access to Experts. The conference is bound to have unprecedented access to Apple engineers and designers to remodel, generate, innovate, and perfect best practices for the user interface. One major piece of information to look forward to is the likely unveiling of iOS 15.

Recent Leaks Regarding the iPhone 13 Surfaced

apple stock news iPhone 13

A recent Yahoo article reported on several new factors that the iPhone 13 will bring to the market. Perhaps the most well-known chipmaker, TSMC, will be manufacturing the “A-series and M-Series chips for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.” Even Samsung and LG have supposedly both independently played a role in producing the iPhone 13 components. Though new iPhones tend to bring in new dimensions and models, the iPhone 13 will remain the same height and width. According to MacRumors’ but, the latest versions might be slightly thicker to accommodate a larger battery. According to a new video on Youtube, two alterations that have been rumored might be a smaller notch and a new diagonal rear camera layout. Yet, analysts at TechRadar expect the prices of the new iPhone to be similar to the iPhone 12 family. 

apple stock news iPhone 12 comparing prices
(Source: TechRadar)

Lastly, there are rumors that the iPhone 13 might switch to soft board technology, which would enable smaller batteries that maintain the crucial capacity. This change would allow new software and hardware to be inputted into the iPhone without altering the battery state. 

iPhone 13 leaked battery capacities
(Source: TechRadar)

Apple Developers Grow App Store Ecosystem by 24%

App Store Economy by the numbers

In an article published by the Apple Newsroom, Apple announced the App Store facilitated $643 billion in billings and sales during 2020. This proved to be a 24% increase and helpful for other developers by reaching customers worldwide. This ability has helped apps like KidloLand, whose goal is to make education fun for youths in India. Apple reported that the app was downloaded more than 6 million times and now holds a team of more than 40 people. Perhaps the most significant aspect of the App Store is that it allows app businesses, regardless of size, to reach downloads across 175 countries. Developers like Pedro Wunderlich and Andres Canella love the App store because they believe, “Apple’s payment system is essential for us, especially as a small business.” They declared that the App Store is essential because it cuts out worries about local taxes or currency conversion.

Most popular app story categories
(Source: Statista)

However, one crucial fact to note is that not all app categories experienced growth during the pandemic. CNET reports that digital goods and services rose, but sales in the travel category dropped by 30%. Fears have been increased because society has been getting accustomed to doing many tasks online now and worry that we may never revert back. 

Security Issues with iOS 14.5.1

On June 1, Apple stopped signing iOS 14.5.1, according to an article by 9to5mac. The iOS was an update released in May which promised crucial security fixes such as bugs that would prevent users from seeing App tracking Transparency prompts. This leaves people vulnerable to significant security flaws. And, many are confused on whether or not to revert to older iOS builds. Other issues with the 14.5.1 update include the Airplay issue, battery drain issues, Touch ID/Face ID, and Bluetooth connectivity issues, to name a few.

iOS 14 image
(Source: 9to5Mac)

There is a new iOS currently being tested by the Apple Beta Software Program, 14.7. But in the meantime, the iOS 14.6 release brings Apple Card Family, Shazam’s App Clip, and support for Apple Music Lossless. Apple has also halted any model from downgrading from iOS 14.6 so that no more people can face the issues raised by 14.5.1.

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