Apple Stock News: German Antitrust Probe, TV Plus Trials, and Prime Day Deals

Apple Stock News: Germany’s FCO Launching Investigation Against Apple


Top Apple Stock News: On Monday, June 21, Germany’s antitrust watchdog declared an investigation on the tech giant Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) regarding the potential exploitation of its market position. The FCO announced it would examine Apple’s “paramount significant across markets” and how it frustrates the competition. Reuters explains that a critical factor in the investigation will be the App Store. The president of the FCO recalls that “in many cases, it empowers Apple to influence the operations of third parties.”

Though cases regarding Apple’s App Store have been ongoing for a while now, further notes about potentially anti-competitive practices were also brought into the light. Such complaints include that Apple enforces itself by obtaining preferential treatment by pre-installing its software and applications. The first order will be to investigate the alleged restrictions instilled by the new iOS 14.45 system. However, Apple says that they give developers all over the world the same opportunities

Apple FCO case
Source: Axios

It was also noted that back in December, the European Commission disclosed new regulations which state that the EU can fine large tech companies if they seem to be mistreating rivals. 

New TV Plus Trials Only 3 Months

According to The Verge, Beginning July 1, Apple will be reducing its Apple TV Plus trials to only three months worth of free video streaming. This will likely reduce its competition with other services that allow for one whole year, such as Amazon Prime. Initially, Apple TV Plus cost $4.99 a month for those who purchased a new or refurbished piece of Apple hardware. Now, after three months, the $4.99 cost will kick in.

Apple TV trial

This shortening of the trial could be indicative of Apple’s confidence in its content and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Apple expects many customers to buy between now and the 30th of June to maintain the original offer of an entire year’s worth. 

Apple Customers Save Big on Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is dedicated to giving substantial discounts on various products such as Echo, Fire TV, Kindle devices, and more. According to The Verge, Apple participates in this day, and this year, their deals are better than ever. Apple Airpods Pro will be $190 instead of $249, a 24% difference. The Apple Watch will also be discounted 18%, and the Macbook Air will be 10% off, going for $900 instead of $999. Other discounts include the Apple iPad Air and Apple TV, discounted for 14% and 6% respectively.

Apple Saves on prime day
Source: MacRumors

Though Apple has been busy this year in launching new iPad Pro models, a new Siri Remote, and the all-new iMac, customers will surely hit fabulous deals on Prime Day to get the best new technology from Apple.

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