Apple Stock News: MacBook Pro 2021, Foldable Phones, Apple Podcasts

Top Apple Stock News: The Upcoming Changes Of MacBook Pro 2021


One of the most buzzing Apple stock news of the recent week is about the company’s plans to ditch some of the controversial features like the Touch Bar and bring back favorites like the MagSafe charging port, allowing computers to shut down if their power cord is twitching. The new computers will also have a general redesign in which the flat edges will look more like the square shape of the iPhone 12.

Apple has said it will migrate its entire line to Apple’s own Silicon chips, and these new computers are expected to receive more significant design changes when they become available. The new computers will be available in 14 “and 16” versions. It will also eliminate the curved design on the top and bottom of the devices and replace it with flat edges instead. The modernization of the structure is scheduled for the third quarter of 2021.

In the fourth quarter of 2020, Apple Macbook generated around $9.03 billion in revenue, an increase of more than two billion compared to the same quarter in the previous year.

The Trend For Foldable Phones: Foldable Screen For iPhone


Apple has applied for patents related to foldable devices, apparently provided flexible displays, and is believed to have conducted its own tests – but the company has no plans to introduce a foldable iPhone until 2022, if not later. A foldable iPhone would allow Apple to create a larger-screen device in a smaller package. Apple has internally discussed several foldable screen sizes, including one that unfolds to the same size as the 6.7-inch display on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Modern foldable phones have unfolded screens ranging from 6 to 8 inches. Apple has yet to announce any major changes for 2021 production. These are fresh changes made in 2020 regarding the new design, packaging conditions, and 5G. However, the Cupertino, California-based company is trying one new feature: an in-screen fingerprint scanner to unlock a smartphone. This function is relevant due to the pandemic conditions: people must wear masks, which makes it difficult to recognize faces. Therefore, this feature will be useful for iPhone users.


Unlike the flip phones that were popular in the early 2000s, foldable phones are the next big advance in the smartphone market. However, according to, when asked about features they might be interested in when buying a new phone, only 17% and 19% of iPhone and Android users, respectively, have cited foldable displays as a desirable option with longer battery life, better cameras, and 5G connectivity and larger screens above the much-touted feature.

Apple Podcasts Continues To Lead The Market With 52% And Launches New “Spotlight”


Apple has announced the launch of a new editorial franchise, Apple Podcasts “Spotlight”. The goal is to draw attention to new podcast creators in the US. Apple’s editorial team will select new podcast creators to present each month, then make them visible on the Apple Podcasts app and promote them on social media and elsewhere. This will allow creators to reach a wider audience, much like the App Store showcases a selection of featured apps and games with large banners at the top of the screen.

Apple Podcasts continues to lead the market with 52% of the listening market, attracting more listeners than all other sources combined. It will be a while before any other platform comes close to catching up and catching up with the Apple Podcast.


Spotify’s aggressive podcasting drive has really intensified over the past year. The marketing weight of the leading music streaming service in favor of podcasts is evident in promoting podcasts on its front page as part of significant content searches and podcast creation with the world’s most famous talent.

While podcasts’ popularity is growing, the monthly podcast listener base in the US is only 37%, according to Edison Research. This means that it is now far from being the kind of popular activity with the majority of the US population. Before Apple can effectively monetize podcasts as a subscription service, it needs to help attract more people who regularly listen to podcasts.

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