Apple Stock News: Apple TV +, Wireless Charging Technology

Top Apple Stock News: Apple TV + and MGM Holdings Is It a New Level for Apple?


Apple Stock News: The Wall Street Journal reported last month that MGM Holdings is preparing to sell. The company was recently valued at $ 5.5 billion. MGM’s assets include a library of approximately 4,000 films, ownership of the James Bond franchise, and nearly 20,000 hours of television programming. Why does Apple need this company? Apple has invested a lot of money in Apple TV +, and it really deserves attention but has not yet received a large amount of public attention as shown in the picture below. For Apple TV +, in the short term, buying the company means more streaming content. 

The MGM purchase will allow Apple to quickly scale its cinematic ambitions and compete with Disney and AT&T as their movie monetization strategy will continue to rely on large theatres. Apple’s multipliers expanded with the service segment’s growth, and the company began offering its first subscription-based package dubbed One. Apple TV + is likely to drive service growth in the long term and enable the tech giant to become a major player in the film industry’s evolution.


Foxconn Seeking Electric Vehicle Manufacturing: Investments of $ 200m


Foxconn Technology Group, a supplier to Apple Inc., is in talks to invest in Chinese electric vehicle startup Byton. Foxconn is Apple’s most important manufacturing partner and is reportedly considering developing its own self-driving car. The deal means that the iPhone assembler will have a bigger stake in the automotive industry. According to the source, Foxconn plans to invest about $200 million, and the companies aim to begin mass production of the Byton M-Byte by the first quarter of 2022. 

Tech companies are increasingly investing in the development of next-generation vehicles, including all-electric vehicles and the smart technologies that come with them, such as autonomous driving and vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems. According to, the 2020s will be the decade of electric vehicles. Long-range electric vehicles are projected to cost less than $ 22,000 (in today’s dollars) by 2040. Thirty-five percent of new cars worldwide will have traffic jams.


Wireless Charging Technology & The Upcoming Mac


According to, the upcoming Mac will charge the iPhone and Apple Watch by touching them. The technology involves using the lid, palm rest, or touchpad on your MacBook as a wireless charger for other devices, and perhaps Apple is preparing to change the materials it uses for its computers. This is necessary because aluminum prevents wireless charging from passing through it.

Other companies are creating similar reverse wireless charging technology, in which the device does not draw power from the wall, but instead transfers it to another, usually smaller, product. The wireless charging market size exceeded the US $11billion in 2019 and is set to grow 14.5% annually from 2020 to 2026 driven by growth in global sales of wearable devices and high-end smartphones. The market has been gaining momentum over the past few years. Therefore, the technology described in the patent, placing many different charging points in the MacBook frame so that devices can be charged simply by placing on it, should be in high demand.


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