Apple Stock News: 5G Impact, The Renaissance Of Low-Cost Mac

Top Apple Stock News: Optimism about 5G raises target price for Apple shares

In this week’s Apple stock news, reported that high initial demand from US wireless operators and survey results on the importance of buying 5G smartphones raised the target price for Apple shares from $ 171 to $ 191 on November 30. Apple shares were up about 1.9% on Monday morning. Tech stocks are up about 62% this year.

Morgan Stanley estimates that Apple will outperform other smartphone companies in terms of upgrades in 2021. The current consensus analyst estimate for iPhone shipments is just 213 million. In fiscal 2021, 268 million iPhones are expected to be shipped. 

In the long term, 5G will be an important upgrade. Cellular data can be much faster, for example, in densely populated urban areas, and in stadiums. 5G could even transform the home internet connection. Therefore, the release of the 5G is an important step in apple news. 5G is the future, and mobile operators will take it even more seriously as many iPhone users take advantage of its benefits.

Mac mini on Amazon cloud: the renaissance of the no-compromise low-cost Mac

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With remote access, people get a fully functional Mac mini in the cloud. The target audience at this stage is Developers. Why is Amazon doing this? What’s important is that the service means developers are gaining cloud-based access to a full Mac mini, which should help them to build and test their software, to help speed new software to market.

Until now, Mac mini hosting was a small niche in the hosting market, though it has its fair number of players, with the likes of MacStadium, MacinCloud, MacWeb, and Mac Mini Vault vying for their share of the market. With this new offering from AWS, they are now facing a formidable competitor, though they can still compete on price. AWS can give developers access to all of the additional cloud services in its portfolio, which sets it apart from all of the smaller players. With this new offering from AWS, they are now facing a formidable competitor.

According to, Using Mac’s built-in networking options, AWS connects them to its Nitro System for fast network and storage access. This means you’ll also be able to attach AWS block storage to these instances, for example.

Both AWS and Apple believe that the need for Intel-powered machines won’t go away anytime soon, though, especially given that a lot of developers will want to continue to run their tests on Intel machines for the foreseeable future.

Partnerships with South Korean firms can lead to 10x optical zoom by 2022

9to5mac reported that according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is looking to improve the camera setup on its next devices. Periscope lenses can provide up to 10x optical zoom without increasing the phone’s thickness or the size of the camera bump. Apple is looking to partner with South Korean companies to bring the idea to life. According to Kuo, the optical zoom will extend to more high-end phones: We’re looking at a 48-megapixel lens capable of 5x zoom for the Galaxy S11, while the Huawei P40 Pro will have a 16-megapixel lens that will support 10x zoom.

The periscope lens uses the principle of submarines. It is a tube with two 45 degree lenses installed at each end. You look at one end and see an image reflected from the other end. But iPhones will have a lens with only one mirror to deflect light 90 degrees. The better the optical zoom,  the better the quality of photos and videos captured while zoomed in. 

The noted analyst,  who has a 78% accuracy rating when it comes to Apple news product predictions and leaks as per AppleTrack, believes that the 2022 iPhone will be equipped with periscope lenses that are manufactured by Semco.

Apple’s shares may sustain a valuation premium to the S&P 500 reported that according to Apple Analyst Anand Baruah, Apple’s iPhone plans for the December quarter 2020, March and June quarters 2021 period suggest a significant increase in shipments. iPhone revenue for these quarters is projected at $ 59.3 billion, $ 40.3 billion, and $ 30.4 billion.

The analyst said he sees growth in ASP and margins thanks to demand for the iPhone 12 Pro, as well as growth in Mac and iPad sales, Apple Watch and AirPods.

Apple (AAPL) – Get Report was upgraded to buy from hold by Loop Capital Markets analyst Ananda Baruah, who sees promising trends in apple news for production, shipments, and sales of the tech giant’s products. This will in turn lead to an extended premium to the S&P 500.

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