Apple Stock News: Market Share in China Increases

Apple Smartphone Market Share in China Increases

According to the research firm Canalys, both Apple and Huawei increased its market shares in the smartphone area in this year’s first quarter. Apple stock increased by 3.41% in the opening after the announcement.

Even though Apple shipments fell more than 4%, its share of the market grew to 8.5%, comparing to 7.3% last year. Huawei is still the market leader, increasing to 41.4% of the market share.

Considering the first quarter, the total smartphone shipments in China fell 18% from a year earlier.

Austria and Australia to Reopen Stores Soon

In an announcement, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company’s retail stores are expected to open in Austria and Australia in one or two weeks. The announcement was made in an interview with Bloomberg.

Cook said that Apple is “going to look at the data and make a decision city by city, county by county, depending on the circumstances in that particular place.” He added that does not believe that Apple will be the first storefront to reopen in any region.

Also, Cook said that the company’s main campus in Cupertino, California, will not be reopened before June. He said that it would open on a staggered basis with temperature checks, social distancing, masks and that the company is looking into testing.

Flagships iPhones Mass Production in 2020 to be Delayed

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Apple is deciding to delay the mass production of 2020 flagships iPhones. The decision was announced by the Wall Street Journal that had access to people familiar with the changes. The decision came in consequence of the pandemic impact in the world.

The expectation of the company is to release four new iPhones this year. The models will come with 5G technology, which promises faster internet and slower response time.

When inquired about it by Reuters, Apple did not respond.

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